Sunday, February 03, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

Friday we had snow. BIG snow, little snow, ice pellets...we had a storm that dumped big time. My friend Dana was scheduled to spend the night here Chez Nous after our knitfest at Effiloche. Well...Effiloche didn't happen for us thanks to the storm but Dana, being resourceful and wise in the ways of public transit, took the Metro to Laval and hopped an express bus right to the station which is only a couple blocks away from here. I got totally stuck trying to get out of my driveway and it took our wonderful neighbors Luc and Helene plus some random snowstorm pedestrian to push the $%^&&ing Acura out of the driveway. I tell you, I never woulda got stuck if I had the Volvo BUT someone has that in Virginia Beach where he's whooping it up with clients.
I finally made it to the bus station, got Dana, we went and grabbed pizza etc and rushed back home to the kids who were watching TV. Luc snow blowered my driveway Friday night during the storm. I owe BIG.
Saturday we lazed around in our jammies and ate pancakes and chocolatines and drank coffee and talked gardens. Then we decided we would get out so we showered, dressed, made the kids dress, and headed into Montreal. When we came out to shovel our way out because the plow had been by again and more snow was in the drive and on the stairs etc etc etc we discovered Luc had blowered out the end of the drive AGAIn. I owe SO big..
We hit Carta Magica for cards to bribe the kids with and then went to Effiloche to visit Ginette, whom I adore. Mucho hugs from G and Daniel. Ginette and I discussed a business proposition she had for me in knitting samples for her shop in return for compensation. This is kinda exciting! Daniel was also curious if I would do some for him at some point and we will discuss later if he still wants.
So, for Ginette I have two Fake Isles to knit. I love that pattern SO much. Easy but looks amazing!!! After we left Effiloche Dana treated us to dinner at Faste Fou. YUMMY fries there.
I wanted to cast on for the Fake Isle when I got home but I needed to call my mom and get scolded for not calling in days, read to the boys before bed, and then I was POOPED.
Today I have laundry piled so high...oh boy..
However, through I found this clip of Sarah Silverman and I link it here because it HILARIOUS.
Backstory : Jimmy Kimmel has a running gag about bumping Matt Damon at the end of his show...Matt Damon has played along spectacularly..this clip is in retaliation for being bumped all the time. Sarah Silverman is Kimmel's long time girlfriend.
An excellent finale to a great weekend.

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Tara said...

So, you mean you'll be making money from knitting? Awesome! :)