Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Internets Ate My Post

I had a big post all typed up last night and then the internet ate it. So now you are stuck with whatever blather I come up with this time.
Got back on healthy track today. The trip kinda derailed that for both of us. Mille Feuille (spelling?) after supper the other night at Grandpapa's, wine at Grandpapa's, assorted snackings and meals while away althought I did try to make healthier choices.
A thought on portions: I like 'em else did I get like this? But seriously, the portions at some restaurants are insane and have increased like crazy over the last decade or two. We went to Baton Rouge for supper on Monday night. I had ribs (ofcourse) BUT I had steamed veggies instead of the potato. HM had baked potato (loaded). When it came his potato was like some sorta genetic mutant it was so frakking huge, plus with all the cheese etc on it. My broccoli and cauliflower was alot too. The plates are platter style and they have to fill them I guess.
I was extremely over stuffed by the end because I of course tried to clean off my plate... Another problem. Apparently humans as a species have some sort of knee jerk reaction to eating an entire meal because, as cave peaople, we never knew when we'd be full again. Nowadays, with meals a plenty for most of us in North America, this reaction to meals is troublesome.
Smaller plates are a good start. And don't fill them two or 6 storeys tall. Divide thusly: Half plate veggies and/or salad, one quarter protein, one quarter whole grain or startchy veg.
Today I bought a popcorn popper. Here is why: Have you heard about people who got cancer from breathing in microwave popcorn fumes?
I have been considering cutting my microwave popcorn crazed monkeys off for some time. Also, its LOADED with salt. And fat. So I bought a $15 air popper today, and some popcorn, and this Becel spray (look in the margarine area of the dairy cases) to add buttery flavour and some nutritional yeast to give a "cheesy" taste. Verdict: airpopped popcorn is better than I remember it. it used to always come out kinda tough for me before. This was nice an crunchy and fluffy if bland as hell compared to microwave movie theater style flavoured popcorn. The tastebuds need retraining on this. Ben enjoyed his with the spray. Cameron will like his with either the spray or his alldressed seasoning. I am happy about this switch. Biggest plus? Lower calories mean I can eat more popcorn.
What was that I said about portion control???
Cameron's sweater: not done but I really will get back at it. Really.
While we drove I cast on sock one of a new pair for him. Am on the gusset decreases. I can pick away at both but will I make the two week deadline I gave myself two weeks ago? HAHAHAHAHA No. And thats ok. I forgive me.


K. said...

Mmmmm...air popped popcorn!!!!! I just got back into natural popcorn. It's nice considering it isn't bright sunshine yellow!!!!!

Tara said...

I'm baaack! Going to try and get caught up on your blog now (man, you're prolific!!!).