Thursday, February 14, 2008


Every morning...well...pretty much every morning... I drag my butt down to the family room, click on the tube for Canada AM and Ellen, and boot up the 'Puter. While I blog read etc I keep and ear on the TV for interesting ness but I don't turn it off after Ellen even though MARTHA (aka The AntiChrist)is on after. I don't pay much if any attention to that but I have had the osmosis effect of noticing that all the time she has dogs on...WTF? Is Martha the new TV dog experts show? Cesar the dog whisperer better wtch out..bitch is movin' in on his canine turf..
Today she had a yarn made out of dog hair (Paw-Paw). Dog dog dogs all the diggety dog time.
Must have run out of floral arrangment ideas and ways to re-use broken dishes.
I am sorry if this offends any Martha lovers. She has been a bee in my bonnet for a few years now. For those of us without the superwoman, happy homemaker gene, she is source of external peer pressure to strive harder and be more than is possible without lots and lots of drugs and therapy and a 28 hour day. Oh and more arms...and maybe a cloning machine. ( That'd be sweet, eh? One me for laundry, one for each kid so there is no rivalry, one for cleaning the frakking bathrooms.... MARTHA use your powers for good!! Make me a clone machine from papier mache and old photocopiers!!!)
Ok...lets see. As I mentioned its THURSDAY and its also VALENTINES DAY!!
What do you have planned for your loves? I got nothin'... Maybe this afternoon I will bake a cake. I have mix and frosting...this is doable.
Last night i went on my first Laval Knits evening. It was just me and Tara. We wondered if we can keep LK alive and discussed how the group we have branched out from, Montreal Knits, started slow but with perserverance and time, grew to be the big bag of funness it is now. We have about 9 members I think even though we were two last night..there were more last time and thats all part of it. My point (and yes there is one eventually) is that I think if we core members don't get too discouraged and keep it going, we can have a small group of devoted knitters that become friends. Thats what its all about.
I enjoyed my time with Tara. We met once before so it wasn't completely strange. We are at different points in our lives, me with school aged kids and her with preschoolers, she will be returning to the work force while I am a full time SAHM for the foreseeable future,...but this is why a group WORKS!!!!!! We are all different and its exciting to talk with OTHERS. To get differing perspectives on life, the world, and of course our unifying love of yarny goodness and its uses/allure.
So, was I disappointed it was just two of us? Only a little...the good company made up for that.
Happy VD!!


Knitting Mama said...

I am sorry I didnt make it out last night. I just was zonked - tho I did have intentions to come. Next meeting - PROMISE! :)

We will keep Laval knits alive! I wonder where the other members were?

Tara said...

I'm just catching up on your blog! I had a great time with you last week, Alison! I hope to see you there often (hopefully, Kate will make it next time). :) And you're right, Martha is just evil, no doubt about it.