Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Frakking snow

(This is my new wonderful bureau and the only picture I have of me in the dress I had made for Hawaii by Daniel Beaudet, designer in residence at Effiloche. Barb, stop pestering me now.)

I have tried to be cheery about winter. It hasn't been to hard actually. I like that the fresh snow covers up the dirty snow and all looks fresh and clean and bright. Its beautiful. Its a marshmallow world!
I am so f%cking sick of shovelling "marshmallows" I could scream.
COME ON!!! I don't even like to talk to my KIDS before I've had some coffee let alone clean off the car AGAIN and shovel out the end of the drive so I can get them to school. Seriously. Enough is enough already. Thank gods for wonderful neighbors like the guy whose name I don't know (but i know his wifes name so I just call him C's husband)who was clearing his drive way end at the same time and trotted over to speed my job up. How sweet is that??
The backed up traffic was NOT sweet. Why is it that when snow is on the road simple things like manners or common sense are just thrown to the wind? The highways are VERY backed up this morning and as a result so are all the streets that have access to the exits. But does that mean you have the right to block intersections so that other people can't get around? Where I come from you keep the intersection clear while you sit and wait for traffic to move. Not everyone is going in your direction, dickheads, and it would be nice to get out and into the lanes going the other way! Or to be able to turn onto a street when I have the right of way. Dickheads.
Ok...what else is annoying me.. The Manly Fake Isle is being persnickity. To do the decreases necessary I will end up with a ginormous hat so I need to rip back and start them sooner OR do more of them. Thatc oupled with the math to figure out how many decreases I needed and how many stitches to knit in between near had me in tears. Math not good for me. Make me sad and cranky. Ug.
While I was doing some knitting last night my darling first born wanted to be full of the helpy-ness so he requested the permission to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Sure i said. he knows what buttons to press but we went over it again anyways.
Later he came to me to tell me how WET and DRIPPY the clothes had been and that it got water on the floor but he was good and wiped it up with a towel from the hamper.... AAAACK!!!! I ran down stairs to see that there was still some water standing in the washer (front loader), hit the power button on the dryer to shut it down and then slammed the washer shut to turn it onto the shortest cycle in order to get it to drain. It must have unbalanced or something and shut down and Ben assumed that all was well. Once washy was empty I opened the dryer and removed the absolutely sodden dripping clothes back to the washer to again attempt getting them clean. Then I had to sop up the standing water in the dryer and off the floor. Holy crap. There was a burnt smell whick I assume may have been from the belt of the dryer trying to tumble the very heavy soaking clothing. Ben and I had a quick tutorial on how clothes should never be drippy when going into the dryer and if this ever happens again, come get mommy. Oh the joys of scaling Mount Washmore.
I needs more coffee.
Washy and his brother are working fine by the way. The washer is running as we ...type/read...? There are still a couple loads to be done to eradicate all the dirty laundry. I did MANY loads yesterday and thanks to the wonder substance known as caffeine I even put my clothes away in my new bureau. And do you know WHAT??? Thanks to the wonder spatial event known as more drawers, my clothes FIT in the bureau!!! The drawers can open and close with ease and nothing gets caught.
There is even room for more.... shh don't tell.


Owldaughter said...

Why is it that when snow is on the road simple things like manners or common sense are just thrown to the wind?

Sounds like we had the same morning on the roads! And grr, yes, people who block intersections should be SHOT. Okay, sometimes it happens by accident, but 98% of the time I see it it's no accident, it's just people being idiots and lacking any thought for the other motorists on the road.

I covet your bureau. It's lovely! :)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

OOOOH, gorgeous furniture! Ikea makes stuff from real wood,right? Must have me some Ikea furniture!! yeah, baby!

Thank you for the dress shot, you hot mama, you! About bloody time.
You look fabulous with all your boobage on display! :)

Love you!
Happy Valentine's Day!!