Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Update.........

DIET: begins Wednesday.
CURTAINS: Up but am hemming today.(fusible hem tape RAWKS!!)
MOVIES: Spiderwick Chronicles was seen last night. Scary in places for Cameron (9 yrs) but Ben had no problems. I LOVED it but I have not read the books. Apparently, book four is skipped (according to Ben) and they happy ending-ed it a bit. Did I mention I LOVED it?
MOVIES I MUST SEE: Nim's Island with Jodie Foster, Gerard Butler, and Abigail Breslin. Yeah its a "family" movie but A) Gerard Butler is HOT and B) Jodie's character is funny and C) it looks hugely entertaining with strong female characters! Girls rule!!
FAKE ISLE HATS: Done and turned in.
MY NEW YARN: My pay for the Fake Isles= Misti Baby Alpaca Chunky....oooooooohhh.. We won't mention the Lopi yarn I bought for the felted rug project.
NEW BOOKS: Friday I bought the EatingWell Diet book and Friday night I got Knitter's Handy Book Of book and my collection of books will be done for awhile...c'mon back into stock Enchanted Knitting..
UNO: I beat HM and Ben BIG TIME in an hour plus length game today. YEAH BABY!!
CAMERON'S SWEATER: one more increase on the 2nd sleeve and then its stockingette to length. Join sleeves to sweater body tomorrow maybe?? WOOT WOOT!

That is all. I now return this blog to its regularly ubscheduled programming........


Knit & Purl Mama said...

What's Spiderwick about?

AliP said...

A divorced mother and her three children move into the home of her aunt Lucinda, who has been locked up in a sanitorium.
Jared, a twin, discovers Arthur Spiderwick's (Lucinda's long lost father) study and his field guide of unseen creatures. Jared opens it and reads it, which magically alerts the evil goblin Molgarath(??) that it is again in use. He wants it so he can destroy and dominate all other races of beings.
The 5 short novels are about these 3 children's adventures and discoveries in keeping the book safe from the goblins.
There is a house brownie named Thimbletack who had hidden the book at Arthur's request, just before the Sylph spirited Arthur away because of what he knew. Thimbletack is the first creature that Jared meets and so discovers that Aunt Lucinda isn't crazy after all.
He then has to convince his twin brother Simon and teenaged sister Mallory, especially now that their lives are on the line.

Suldog said...

Good luck on the diet, darlin'. I'm in the middle of my annual Lenten fast. I feel your pain.