Thursday, February 14, 2008

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I should explain my anger in my last post. Bridgewater Nova Scotia is quite a small town and was the location of our business a few years ago. We had a store on KIng Street right in the heart of downtown, two doors down from the library. Its a town where just about everyone knows everyone else or is related to them (its like that in Lunenburg County). As picturesque and cozy as NS is, its not without its problems. Addiction and low employment rates are a way of life for many. We have had our horror stories of crime and abuse. It just saddens and enrages me that in such a stereotypically "safe" place, a child was robbed of her life.
Enough of that. Moving on the what was good today:
My dye book arrived!! "Dyes From American Native Plants" is a book that explores natural dyes native to North America with an emphasis perhaps on the midwest since it was written by professors in Oklahoma. May I just say its awesome???!
Also in the mail was a BIG surprise. Remember I told ya about Bohemian Bubbles Spa Soaps? ( ) Its my old homesteading pal Terri and she makes awesome hand crafted soaps. I was a fan when she made fairly plain utilitarian soap that relieved her kids' eczema, then she started experimenting and I loved it more...her's is the bar I hold other hand crafted soaps to (pun intended) and she has only gotten BETTER!!! In the mail today I recieved a soap care package from her!!! Squeee!!! Natural soapy goodness, 8 bars full(sized), 2 half bars. I hopped in the tub this afternoon with my new book and the cake of Honey I Love You soap. Sweet sudsy goodness. Oh my gracious lovely lather and no tight dryness. MMmmmmmmmmmm..sensuous soap. Her soaps do not overwhelm with scent so you needn't worry about upsetting someone's sensitivities, but the bars do smell niiiiiice all the same. She's got some new products in the works for this season including a retriurn to her goats milk soaps, since she again has goats (Alpines this time). I still miss my goats Cocoa and Marigold, Nubian baby girls I got from Terri and her small flock back in the day. Good times.............sigh Then HM finally got home at 7:15 pm and had flowers, Alicia Keys latest cd, and the Essential Eating Well Cookbook (wrong book...was supposed to get the diet book but this was all he could find). WTF!!!? :o0 I was really surprised and touched because i wasn't expecting anything since I was told that my knitting book order last week was my gift. Isn't he great folks????
I had a card and chocolate covered marshmallow heart waiting for him...
Oh Yeah..and CAKE. I baked a yellow cake in a bundt type pan, frosted it, and scattered red cinnamon heart candies over it. So pretty!
The guys recieved valentines in the mail from their wonderful aunty Jessie. They were VERY pleased.
I hope someone showed you some love today.

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Tara said...

It's totally understandable that you'd be miffed if you've worked in that community. And can you imagine what that poor girl's mother must be feeling? That the last words she spoke to her daughter were likely in anger (they had just had an argument). So sad.