Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday..Day 3..

Its is day three. Everyone still lives...but for how long? mwahahahahaha

Just kidding. It has had its severe cranky craving "FEED ME" moments but we are both holding up very well. HM missed lunch Wednesday so he had many calories left to indulge in chocolatey goodness..bastard. Lucky for him he did it while I was out.
My saving grace is chocolate herbal teas. Chocolate Spice by Four O'clock is danday. Carob instead of chocolate so no caffeine at all. The one I got today is Chocolate Chai by Presidents Choice. Not quite as herbally as Four O'Clock but the store didn't have what I was looking for...Oh wait...I forgot to check the health food section. DANG.
Anyways, I was running late for my nail appointment because it took me too long to pick out an omega-3 supplement for Ben and a Glucosamine supplement for my sore knee. I figure it might help, (will help any other joints anyway), and it can't hurt so may as well try it. I am forty y'know. Gotta keep Arthur Itis (he's the worst of the Itis family you know) at bay. My hands hurt with some of my knitting so maybe it will help that too.
So, what else is new.....
Not much. Cameron's sweater is into the raglan shoulder decreases. I hope I am doing them right. Plus the colour work on the front chest. I will have many ends to weave in when done. I give myself two weeks to clear this from the decks (less now than when I first said 2 weeks...).
Our largest clown loach went belly up...two fish left.
I think thats about it. I am very dull this week.


Tara said...

LOL! Arthur Itis! Too funny :)

Suldog said...

Chocolate - especially dark chocolate, which is fairly healthy for you - can be effective in staving off the cravings for other things. Indulge a bit and then have strength.