Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday February 20

Wasn't quite ready for morning when it arrived. Cammie as usual puttered in for a "thnuggle" while we lay listening to the news etc. Its a sunny day but cold for the winter carnival at school.
Next week is break and I seriously cannot wait. I am sleeping in as much as possible come hell or high water. Am very growly and tired the last couple of days and we all know what that means every month.
Today is day ONE of the new healthy lifestyle. So far we have skipped our walk BUT I did do 2.5 minutes on the unused elliptical trainer last night at a steady pace. Its like jogging but doesn't have the impact. Except on my lungs and heart. Holy f&ck. Since it sunny out I really need to get out and catch some rays so walking later on is on my agenda. Maybe that will help with the desire to kill.
There is a weight loss support group on Ravelry that I joined and one woman inparticular is very inspiring. She was quite diagnosed with cancer and with tteatment gained the big water weight... She decided to take her second chance at life with gusto and since then has lost 75 pounds and gone from a size 24 to a size 8. One year after diagnosis she ran a half marathon.
Now, I hate running. I seriously do..even as a kid hated to run.. but she is very inspiring is she not?
Some of the gals are trying the Couch To 5K program.
Amazing non?
So while todays morning walk was a blow out, there is hope. Baby steps and not beating myself up are two of my mantras. I have had 40 years of bad habits. i cannot fix myself overnight.
Also, why is it that when you declare yourself to be trying to live healthier, and then you don't do your exercise or whatever, other people feel they have the right to call you on it or push at you. If I am pushed I push back in the opposite direction and how defeating is THAT in this situation. For me that makes everything worse. I know I fall down but I don't plan to stay down. I need support not MORE guilt than I carry everyday. This is noone in particular but has happened in the past and it really doesn't help a person to pick themselves up and go on as before.
Goal: I do have one.
My goal is to see a 10% result in 6 months. Just 10% will make me a healthier person. After the 6 months I will revise. So in 6 months (AUGUST 20) we shall see how I made it.
And even if I don't make the 10 I will take what I can get and not punish myself and make the disappointment worse.
Another goal: Try to stay motivated no matter what. Even if weight doesn't change (which would seriously SUCK) I will be more active and eating healthier than I have been.
The lady that lost 75 pounds eats a healthy diet and does not deny herself her favorites all the time. She has a rule: it can't come into the house, no more than one serving, and she has to walk to and from the source. So say she feels like chinese food...she cannot bring home leftovers, she must walk to and from the restaurant, and she may only have one reasonable healthful serving (Not a plateful heaped). Good idea huh?
Plate appearance helps to: half the plate is non-starchy vegetables, 1/4 plate whole grain serving or portion, 1/4 plate is lean protein. This is a reasonable healthy meal, non?
If this blog deteriorates into food obsession please bear with.
KNITTING: Camerons sweater is coming along. I may be able to join it into the round today. Am trying to get both sleeves the exact same length. Was hunting for my raglan instructions yesterday and then realised I had loaned the book Knitting Without Tears to Kadi. Whoops...luckily Knitting Workshop has some info on the joining and decreasings. Fingers are crossed for finishing this sweater in two more weeks if I can stay monogamous enough. Am dying to wind my chunky baby alpaca and start the Unoriginal Hat by Stephanie Pearl-MacPhee (yarn harlot). Must resist.
Tonight is knitting in NDG. I love my NDG peeps.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

You can do anything you put your mind to. You can do it, Sunshine!
Looking forward to seeing Cammie's sweater.

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Tara said...

Go you! You can do it! You've set a totally reasonable goal for yourself, Alison. I bet you beat it! :)