Sunday, January 20, 2008


In A Panic salad:
I am calling it this because I had supper going when HM called and it turned out he didn't pick up the spiced potatoes at Adonis like I told him to. Yes I did tell you. So what to do but throw on some rice and make a salad...but out of what?? A fridge search scrounged up this........

Red Onion (OR sweet spanish onion) thinly sliced in half rounds
Plum Tomatoes thinly sliced
English cucumber thinly sliced
fresh Cilantro leaves chopped
Olive oil, Red wine vinegar, a drop or so of honey, salt and pepper.
Slice the veggies and throw them in a bowl. Chop the cilantro ( a goodly amount)and toss that in with the veggies.
Into a clean jar Put oil and vinegar enough for your salad and add to it a drop or so of honey, just to take the edge off, and salt and pepper. Shake well and pour over the other ingredients, tossing the salad with your hands until slices are all separated and coated and mixed up.
Serve with meal.

I sit here and hour and a half eating the leftovers. Gods this is good.

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Tara said...

I just can't believe you've got all this good stuff in your fridge! I think I've got, um, mayonnaise left. Guess I should get to the grocery store! LOL!