Thursday, January 24, 2008


Its Thursday and its F%cking cold out there. Minus 20ish idea on the Farenheit (I believe minus 7C is 20 degrees F...I think I heard that on the news yesterday and was all " interesting.." but i maybe remembering it wrong.)
~Break taken to find Celcius conversion online~
Nope I remembered the above more or less correctly ( -7C is technically 19.4F but who is counting)
Ok...Minus Twenty degrees Celcius is equal to minus 4 F.
Suffice to say: Its Chilly!!
So...what else besides its cold...ummm....
There is knitting tonight at Ariadne but I am feeling draggy so I think I just want to stay home tonight. Must go to Sunday's knit though because I have arranged to buy someones spare set of Denise needles at a great price and am quite excited. There are felted Denise holding bag patterns on Cat Bordhi's site and I think i will have to make one because the Denise case doesn't have room for additional needles according to what I have read.
No school tomorerow and we were supposed to go to Sheila, Ben's therapist,(, but her poor mom has been in an accident and Sheila needed to cancel. Ben will be disappointed but I don't mind so much since it means no rushing around on a "day off". Sheila is absolutely amazing I do have to say and if you or someone you know has issues to be worked through, she is fabulous.
Dr William Dyer is on Ellen right now and I have never heard him speak before. Oh my gods the man is brilliant and so inspiring. WOW. His latest book is based on the Tao and its teachings. He quoted Mark Twain:
"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds upon the heel that has crushed it."I leave that thought with you now.


Knitting Mama said...

I was also going to go tonight, but the hubby is out of town tomorrow til monday night, and it's f-ing cold outside.

Tara said...

My son has croup (Oh Joy!), but I hope I can make it on Sunday anyway (I'll probably need a break by then!).

Suldog said...

I adore Twain, but I had never heard that quote before. Great one.