Thursday, January 17, 2008

Diary of a lazy slacker: Day..ummmm

I'm too lazy to work out the math of what day of my existance it is...especially what with leap years and shit.
Went knitting last night and enjoyed my time. Got a bit done on sleeve one of Cameron's sweater, now I am done the increases. Got a bit done on my second sock. Both are stockingette boredom mindless knitting but switching was actually a relief thanks to the different gauges and colours.
Mitten experiment continues slowly when I have the focus to follow the graph. Its sooo puuuurrrrty.
Of course since I am bored with projects I itch to cast on something new and interesting. Must..resist..startitis... The siren song of the stash calls to me "Try a new sock pattern with a nicer heeeelll, Alison...." " What about those felted mittens you bought me fooorr?... "
Be quiet, voices from behind my chair!! Shush or I'll release some moths!!
This morning was lovely. Ben woke early and not only made his own breakfast (toast and peanut butter) and got dressed before I even came downstairs but he also fed the dog, put her out AND lined up all the morning pills. That sounds awful doesn't morning phamily pharmaceutical round up... Ben has a prescription, and then there are the vitamins and EFA supplements that I make the guys take each morning and Cammie's Nasonex spray when I remember. See?? I am not supermedicating my kids,...really! The number of vitamin jars would be reduced by one if the boys took the same vitamins but I have Flintstones for picky eaters for Ben and sour gummi Flintstones for Cameron because he specially requested them and he is not such a picky eater. They take different EFA capsules too. Super duper dose for Ben (to try and help with the ADD and the fact he eats a very limited variety of foods) and Junior formula in easier to swallow size for Cammie (who eats a MUCH more varied diet than Ben but can't swallow the capsules Ben takes, or i'd give them the same ones). This is the second morning in a row that Ben has been cheery and bright and helpful and its absolutely delightful.
What made today even better than yesterday was that by the time I got downstairs after an apres alarm clock snuggle with Cameron, he too had gotten dressed and made himself a bowl of cereal for breakfast!!! WTF!? I stood there...with nothing to do but dole out the pharmacopia and give many hugs and kisses and praises for such a wonderful surprise. My mornings are usually full of wheedling, coaxing, demanding,, threatening, and finally screaming in order to get the boys ready and out the door on time, paired with breakfast preparations and chore reminders (feed the dog). Is this what it will be like when they are teens and I'm not supposed to have to herd them through morning preparations??? Its awesome. They were out the door this morning with time to spare for a cold walk to school with happy dispositions. Oh it was magical. Le sigh.........


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Well! Was it a magic spell or something?
Lucky you!

Tara said...

I know what you mean about startitis. I think it's a direct result of the deadline knitting we did all through December.

picperfic said...

long may it last!