Tuesday, January 22, 2008

OSCAR says Canadians Rock!

Ok..maybe not precisely like that but come on! Sarah Polley is nominated(or at least her film is) and Ellen Page and Jason Reitman are in Juno, which is nominated for Best Picture. Whats strange about Juno's nomination? Its a COMEDY. Thats almost unheard of, a comedy getting nominated for best picture.
Ok..now, why do I even care? Technically I don't so much. My cinophile tendencies are getting pretty watered down as the years go by, no longer a wanna be actress...no longer working in video stores...You know how it is.
Ok..back to why I am interested in Juno's nomination... Ellen Page is the actress playing Juno, the lead character in the movie of that name. She is a mere 20 years old and already her career is kinda WOW (Pit Pony, Marion Bridge, Hard Candy, X-Men Last Stand)! and...AND......
SHE is from Halifax, Nova Scotia!!!!!!! Yeah baby!
Ellen Page's family must be flippin' out with excitement. Halifax? Can ya's hear them screamin'??
Betcha registration at The Shambhala School goes up cuz of this. heh heh


jane said...

Won't win. It's a Canadian film (director's from Montreal, most of the cast is Canadian, filmed in Vancouver) AND a comedy too. But nice that it was nominated. Comedies are harder to pull off than dramas I say so it should definitely get props. Even if they want to reclassify it as a 'dramedy' (why isn't it comeda?). Mheh. I don't watch the Oscars, but I'm sure it'll be BIG news if it wins.

Suldog said...

Yeah, I've always been pissed that comedies don't get the same due as dramas. MUCH harder to make someone laugh than cry, IMHO.

Tara said...

There will be blood is TOTALLY gonna win (or it should). And have you heard about Heath Ledger????? What a waste!!!