Thursday, January 10, 2008

Long Time

Its been days since I posted and I have my reasons, laziness being one, but also stuff has been going on etc .
The HusbandMan called from work last Friday to announce we had to discuss something. Of course I felt that minute panic of "oh crap he saw how much yarn I bought in Halifax" but then I relaxed because I didn't buy THAT much. Turns out he'd found out about a job opportunity back home in Halifax and should we consider it. That filled my head space for the entire weekend..should we? ...shouldn't we? Yes? No? Looked at real estate just incase... Finally he talked to his higher up about it on Monday and while moving back would be great, it doesn't feel like this would be a most secure move. We moved here for some job security, such as it can be. Even if this job he has now was a dud, a large metropolis has more employment opportunities at HM's level than back in the Maritimes. To move back there to a position that is precarious at the moment and have no back up opportunities is very scary. So the decision is we stay the course, and thats fine. Mostly. While I see the need to be secure and like it very much, I still miss home. Not as much as I used to, but still... So I am glad the question is resolved as it is but have some residual sadness.
The boys are back to school this week and the daily bitching and complaining began immediately. "I hate school!" "I'm too tired!" "Drive us!!" " I'm not eating that for breakfast/lunch!!" "I don't want to do my homework!!" Blah blah blah. Oh structure how I've missed you! NOT!
Yesterday, it was very windy here. the morning wasn't so bad but the forecast for blustery day proved correct. TOO correct. We are no tempo-less. A tempo, for those outside Qc., is a temporary shelter for ones car. A seasonal garage consisting of a steel framework and a fitted cover of tarplike materials tied to it. One weights this mother down with concrete blocks and also stakes it to the ground. Yesterday in the blusteryness, our tempo went tits up into the front yard..totally turtled!! Pieces of the steel frame were twisted and bolts snapped, concrete blocks lay where the dropped, my pretty lampost was sheared off and needs to be replaced in the spring when the snow is gone to expose the rest of it. Holy moley! I had called my husband at work once earier on, when it was kinda funny how the tempo was filling with wind occassionally like a hot air balloon. He was very busy and not as interested as I was. Then I called back later and said " I know you are really busy and I'm sorry to call again, but I have a Holy Shit situation on my hands and have no idea how to proceed!" He replied that he was on his way! I took pictures so he would see how bad it was and just incase we were to put the damage through insurance. My neighbor came over aNd started dismantling the structure for me while I dealt with lunchtime kids and then together we had it partially dismantalled and totally uncovered so the wind couldn't move it anymore.
The weird thing? I'd gone out for a few minutes in the car earlier and decided to park on the other part of the driveway when I returned about 15 minutes before the tempo hit the fan. How's that for being watched over??! We would have had SERIOUS car damage if I had parked under the shelter as usual.
As soon as I can I will post the pictures.
On the knitting front I am very discontented. I want to start new things but when I try to decide its never right and things get ripped over and over. I am on the gusset decreases of sock 1 of my first pair for ME. I'm using Lismore Sheep Farm sport weight (single ply) that I hand dyed this summer with candy colours on white. Plain vanilla sock pattern though. Cameron's sweater draaaaagggggs on through stockingette wasteland. I have a sleeve on the go for that too. I tried to start a double knit mitten for Ben but its been ripped 3 times. Maybe I'm just bored? sigh. I haven't started Bird in Hand because I think its too hard for me plus I cannot settle on a colour combination. I want to make Norwegian mittens so badly but I don't have a pattern that doesn't have some fussy cuff edging besides the Pirate mitten...maybe I could take the pirate mitten and use its cuff with another graph...? sigh. HELP!!


Suldog said...

My uncle had his driveway car-covering structure collapse during December, breaking his rear window and denting the car, too. All in all, I'd rather have to clear the snow off my car :-)

K. said...

I'm glad you're not moving away (I know it's selfish...but I'd be sad if you did!). Thank buddha for that sixth sense of yours cause cause I saw what the wind (well not so much the wind as the trees) did to some cars in some parts of NDG...not pretty! For the mitts, there's a template for norwegian mittens so that you can design the pattern right here

AliP said...

Sully: Now that we have a snow blower we are not bothering with a Tempo again.

K.: Awwwwww thanks sweetie. I have to say that all my Montreal pals were a strong force for me wanting to stay. Before I had you I would have been gone back in a heartbeat.

Tara said...

Wow, you are indeed in tune with the Gods to have avoided such car damage (or, you know, body damage). Re the Bird in Hand mittens: it's actually not that hard (really!), at least if you've done some stranded colourwork before. If I EVER get out to a knit night, I'll show you!