Saturday, January 26, 2008

What to do.....

Who knew that sleeping so much would end up sapping my muscles of so much strength? Ok..technically EVERYONE knows that but now I am living it. I have never been in such bad shape in my life and thats saying something because I have nevr EVER been IN shape. This is bad. A crisis of sorts for me personally.
Two weeks ago we went skiing and I barely made it through one run. ONE run where I used do do lots. Yes, my new boots are incredibly painful but it was also my thigh muscles burning that shocked me. Only ONE run. So incredibly pathetic.
I hate walking because its boring as hell. Working out to a video? Been there~ yuck to that. Join Curves? Did it and didn't go.
Tomorrow HM wants to get me some cross country gear. I loved cross country skiing as a teen. Haven't done it since although I wanted to and had the skis and boots iuntil my feet got too fat for said boots. I used to ask HM to get some xcountry skis and ski with me and he was always..NO WAY.
Well guess who bought xcountry skis when he was in Montreal alone for 6 months 3 years ago? He went a lot both with his Dad and alone and LOVED it. (ARGH!!!!!)
Since the kids and I have been here he hasn't used his cross country gear and we have spoken of it. So, tomorrow is the day we go and get me some gear and I start cross countrying again.
This should have me bouncing with joy and anticipation but actually i am having big trepidation. This whole out of shape is VERY bad and NOT an exaggeration and I fear the shame I will feel tomorrow trying to xcrountry for the first time in 23 years. The shame, the pain, the burning sensation in my lungs and various body parts, the anger and rage I will feel at myself for allowing this to happen......
This could be all kinds of wonderful or very very unwonderful and traumatizing. I'll let you know if i live.

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Tara said...

It's really hard to get back into gear when you've let yourself go (after all, when it's a toss up between exercising or knitting, we both know what we really want to do!). Maybe start with something low-impact, like Yoga or Pilates? Swimming? Walking groups? I KNOW! Speed yarn shopping! :)