Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How bizarre and sad.

It was all over the internet yesterday about Heath Ledger's death. You know, thats how his FAMILY found out! It was all over the media before the police even could call next of kin. Sick and wrong, that.
Heath Ledger was never my favourite actor though I do not dispute the fact that the man had massive talent. With so much life, film opportunities, his daughter's life, etc ahead of him, his time is over. It really is such a waste. Sad sad sad.


jane said...

...and even worse, his death will only add to the box office draw for his performance in The Dark Knight and adding to the popularity of his other films. People suck

Tara said...

I know just what you mean. He wasn't my favourite actor either, even though I ADORED Brokeback Mountain. His death left me feeling very sad nonetheless.

AliP said...

Seriously. I feel a deep sadness at the waste of such potential and that little girl's loss of a daddy, the parent's loss of a child.
Now some might say "Who gives a #$%*!!?" and that he was just some over priviledged actor who brought it down upon himself but to me that makes it even more pitiable.