Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Beautiful Winter Day

Warm hand made socks (hand dyed by me too!), x-country skiing (ski fond in French), and I only fell down once!!! I had a hard time getting up so HM had to help. Lets just say between the laughter and getting bonked on the head by the camera around his neck, him helping me up was NOT a pretty or graceful sight.
So a I posted yesterday I had GREAT trepidation about buying the skis and going out for an afternoon of ski fond with HM. I couldn't get the pretty skis because the didn't have the right size for me(poop) so I got regular ol' skis and they work dandy. I love my boots. This afternoon we left right after the sitter arrived and headed for Cafe Castel to meet the Montreal Knits Sunday girls because I was buying newbie mary's Denise needles. Since we were there and had paid for parking, I let Samir talk me into cappucinos. Ok he didn't have to talk us into it. The man is a cappucino artist...he makes cool designs with the foam. I got a butterfly..hee hee Pretty coffee..hee hee HM got to meet the gals and see that YES I really do go out to knit with people and they got to see that he's not as bad as I say he is nd that he survives my abuse quite well.
Then it was off to Cap St Jacques for ski fond. And I did quite well for my first time in 23 years. The first half of the trail was harder than the second half but I only stopped a couple times to catch my breath. The legs and thighs were fine but MY BACK was not happy. At the top of a ginormous hill ( was a small rise but you try shufflin' up a hill in skis) was the cabane where you can sit, get a snack, and in the sugar season have something syruppy. I had tea and a muffing and tried to cool off. Then we were off again and thats when I fell down. LOL

The back didn't scream for the second part of the trail and we had some good laughs. Afterwards we went to the Deli De La Tratorria in Pierrefonds for another cappucino and some goodies and then headed home. All in all it was a nice day and more romantic, in my opinion, than dinner and a movie. HM even offered to carry my skis at the end...(everyone go "AAAWWWWWWWW").. tee hee.
So now I'm chillin' with a beer and can't wait for next time.
It was all kinds of wonderful.


Tara said...

Way to go Alison! I'm glad you had a great day. :)

Terri-Lynn said...

Glad you had fun yesterday and didn't hurt too bad, but how do you feel today? It always gets me the day after!

Suldog said...

Looks like great fun. MY WIFE has been trying to get me to try x-country for years. Maybe I will... someday.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

NICE socks, sunshine! Looks like you guys had a blast. Lucky you.

Vicky said...

Cross-country sking is so much fun!!!! Next year I will have some I swear!!!

Desperate Housewife said...

I love cross country skiing. I plan to do it more than once a year (if I'm lucky) when the kid is older.