Monday, January 19, 2009

Wintertime Blues

I have been fighting them off, but this last week of incredibly cold temperatures (for me) caused me to stay indoors as much as possible...even more than usual. I got out with my knitting friends but thats at night so no sunlight there. Now it has warmed up to minus 12 and I think today I need a walk or something to shake off the shack wackiness. I haven't worked since before Xmas, don't see that changing, and thats part of it too.
Yesterday to help beat our blues we went to Sears. We wanted to test out exercise bikes. I know I know..."But what about the elliptical trainer that you bought 2 years ago and swore to use?". I hate it. HATE IT. SOMEONE told me that the motion would be like the cross country ski machine gliders. Its not. Its totally running and this little fat duck don't run. NO NO NO. Biking we are talking. I like biking. We tried out a recumbent bike and it was crazy uncomfortable for me because of my short squatty legs and I kept bumping my knees on the center console where the innards of the bike are. The Nordic Track bike with the "Soft Seat" was lovely. Easy to adjust to my height and no bike butt discomfort AT ALL in the time I was on it. Lots of settings and doo hickeys and programs too, like the weight loss program. Its was all Hman's idea out of the blue yesterday when he asked what kind of exercise bike I'd use and if I'd actually use it. We went onto the Sears website and took a peek and then decided to head to an outlet for a test. We had settled on the recumbent but in reality, it was the upright that we liked. SEE? It pays to shop. HA. We're saving 100$ over the one we had chosen before trying them out. We get it Friday I think.
After that we cruised the mall that Sears was in because we had never been in it. We left the kids looking at games and wandered across the hall to look at sparklies (diamond rings). My engagement ring broke years ago and I never got a replacement. Now, to cheer me up from time to time we go and look at shiny sparkly rings and day dream about someday getting me a new one. The problem is I have expensive tastes. I wonder if Hman will ever clue in that I could be tricked with cubic zirconia? I mean, they are very sparkly as well and its not like I'm an expert. I just know the style I like and its always about $5000. The store had a 50% off sale and I could have walked out with something gorgeous but it wasn't what i really liked so why bother. The one I drooled over was 3 nice diamonds in a row set into a really nice sturdy 14K ring. Would suit me to a frikkin' t. If it wasn't priced at over $5000. HAHAHA. While I'm dreaming I wanna pony, and a swimsuit model's bod, and long luxurious hair too... It was fun to try them on though and be dazzled by the sparkle. I was smiling and Hman was laughing because as he put it "You always do that...hone in on the most expensive ring without even seeing the price!! You know I will never pay that kind of money even if its marked down half price!!!!' to which I replied "No I didn't....the most expensive one we looked at was over 6 grand and I didn't like it. So there..I saved you about 500$ ! You should be thanking me and walking back in there to sell your soul and get me that ring! ". Oh the fun and games we play.
On the way home we decided that neither of us wanted to cook and so it was Chinese Buffet for supper at Chateau De La Lune. YUM. The kids were thrilled...they suckered Daddy into a game (that they are supposed to reimburse him for)and also got to eat out.
This morning went relatively smoothly. Cam had his usually litany of Monday Morning complaints...sore throat, headache, blah blah blah.. but Ben ACTUALLY got ready on time for a change and that meant no yelling and threats and tears this AM for which I was so grateful. Hugs and I love you's were dispensed instead of smacks and "So help me"s. Wonderful. I wish I could bottle easy mornings and store them up for future use so that every morning could be loaded with hugs, kisses, and I love you's instead of the urge to throttle and "I hate you! You're the worst mommy ever"s. I know it passes and when they get home at lunch its all better but I hate when we have those awful squabbles in the morning and they leave angry and hurt feelinged and I am SO GLAD to see the back of them. Yuck. Not what one bargained for in the parenting gamble. I'll take 'roses and sunshine' for 500 , Alex!!

Lets see...on the schedule for today is laundry laundry and more of the same and Audrey is coming over to knit and visit this afternoon. Yay!


Anonymous said...

Whew. After all that, I think I need to go to bed...

(yay for afternoon knitting visit!)

Tara said...

Gaaaah, that's what my mornings are like now, and they're in daycare! You mean it never gets any easier??? Waaaaaahhhhh!!!!