Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Its 2009

It has been for a week but I'm not the fastest horse on the track, know what I mean?

No real news except I have broken my own personal record for completing a sock: 2 days! I casted it on Saturday night (60 stitches with Opal 6 ply), knit ALOT on Sunday, a bit yesterday and finished 'er up tonight, casting on sock 2 right away. They are for Cammie as he is hand knit sockless although I have knit more socks for HIM than anyone else...the damn child's feet just grow like crazy. I have seen him fit into socks when I finished the first and have them be barely fitting when I finished the second! These one's may actually last the winter. BooYah! Ben still wears his first pair I made (second pair I ever made)in January 2007 and he fits into the socks I made for Cam last year of which i spoke above...they were really nice ones.

We are being warned that a snow storm is coming over night. So far we have been hits pretty easily in the snow department which makes my snow meltdown last month a bit premature and undeserved (maybe). PMS will do that to a girl. That and smirky snow plow drivers....grrrrrrrr.

I am going out tomorrow and investing in a baby gate for the laundry room door because my disgusting dog eats cat poo from the litter boxes. She spewed cat poo vomit all over the family room floor Sunday morning and has been suffering from noxious gas emissions, and as a grossed out family, we have had more than enough of her disgusting snack habits. NASTY. Why didn't i buy a gate before you ask? Cuz I kept forgetting thats why, especially when we were down to two outdoorsy cats that prefer to do their bidness outside. Now we have a 3rd cat of the more litterbox friendly variety and Blossom thinks she's died and gone to Cat Poo Buffet heaven...and yes I do sift the boxes frequently but she has a better sense of smell than I do and beats me to it. NASTY NASTY DOG!!

School started back today and it was blissfully quiet and angst free here Chez Nous once the kids were out the door. I almost cried with the relief.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, peace and quiet and no need to referee!

Tara said...

I got quite the disgusting visual on that post, thanks! LOL!

MaiCarInMtl said...

Dogs love those special chocolate treats... *gag* I love this post!