Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump day not humpin' day

Look at this gorgeous sweater worn in the Joan Of Arc episode of Women Warriors by Lucy Lawless. I love the green and the great cables, the comfy casual look and the lower neck line of the hoodie style. Pattern plz, interwebs!?

Yesterday I had the kids in the school lunch and after school program (known here as "service de garde") and so had the day to myself. I did an errand, gassed the depleted family locomotive device, and went to Marie Michelle's place for a date with her Wii Fit. I was also hoping for some Albie love (I adore other peoples babies when they are such happy little goobers as Albert( pronounced Al-bear, plz)). I arrived and to my dismay NO ALBIE!!! WTF! He and his next eldest sibling were at day care. I did meet the eldest child for the first time but it just wasn't the same.
I do have to say that Wii Fit is very fun and a teensy bit snarky. I'd like even more if it was juuuussst a pinch snarkier. hahaha I did a balance exercise and it asked me if I trip a lot when I walk. HA.
It calculated my body's age as being 9 years older than my chronological age, which I thought was too kind. After a session, it came down to a year younger than my age. So...if I did a lot of sessions would my Mii crawl back into the womb? Anyways, it was a very fun way to try some yoga poses and attempt step aerobics and strength training exercises. UNLIKE video work outs, it allows you to correct your poses and postures to have a greater effectiveness by having you center your "dot" in an area. I thought this was a dandy feature if a pinch distracting in some of that activities. All said, it's a fun toy!
After a lovely lunch I came home, started spaghetti sauce, and took a nap. Last night I biked and this time made it to 3 miles on the easiest Weight Loss program before I collapsed. I distracted myself from the experience by watching a show about Joan Of Arc on TV. Lucy Lawless hosted and she had on the loveliest cabled hoodie. I really liked it (the sweater not the biking)! I am pleased that I was able to push myself to the 3 mile mark.
Baby steps...


Anonymous said...

The Wii Fit is pretty fun. It can get pretty addictive, too (if the kids will let you play for long).

LOVE that sweater. I'm sure someone will beat me to it, but I may just have to do an "inspired by" design...

Tara said...

It's not just the Wii fit that's snarky. We've got the Wii Brain Academy game, and it's pretty funny the things it'll tell you.