Thursday, January 22, 2009


Snowdrift Mittens: A Vintage Paton's Pattern
Lets see. Do I have anything meaningful or important to say today? Hmmm.....nope. Just the usual blather. Sorry but I do seem to be a bit of a blatherer. So middleaged..Is 41 middleaged? I'm not sure.
The kids are at school and the temperature is not deadly cold for the walk to and from the place of learnin'. Niiiice. They get to blow off steam by doing that walk. Ben came home early yesterday with the shakes and a headache. An hour or so in bed made him feel better. Tomorrow there is no school thanks to a regularly scheduled inservice. As a result, Hman is taking the day off and escorting the wee hoodlums to the Auto Show in the city. They are beyond excited, especially to see the car that can go underwater. This means I will have a quiet time. Yay!
The Oscar nominations were revealed today. Most were pretty predictable but RDJ for Tropic Thunder???! Get outta here.
I went out last night to knit in NDG but the turn out was very small. Thats ok though. It meant that we were able to chat as a group, not many conversations going on at once and people getting left out or having to yell from one end of the table to the other. It was cosy. It was intimate. It was nice.
We had a knit along for january in the Noro Striped scarf. Mine was made for me so I'm not making another. February has been deemed the month fopr Nordic Style mitten knit along and the picture you see here is that pattern I have chosen. these will be a gift for my hairdresser nancy. She is very sweet, never makes me cry, and trims my bangs between cuts and refuses to charge me for it sometimes turning a simple bangs trim to a stylish blow out to pamper me (or to keep her reputation intact? can't have hair like mine be seen leaving the salon...whatever). I will use a dark grey for the dark colour and something in shades of pink and purple for the light colour. Aren't they charming? I can't wait to get going on them.
My friend Audrey got me addicted to the TV show Dead Like Me. Why are such good shows always cancelled? It SUCKS! Only two seasons and its gone. I'm left with issues left unresolved after marathoning through the episodes...did George ever reveal herself to her family? Will Daisy get shuffled off for causing too much mayhem? Will Mason try to mule illegals in his bottom ever again? Will Rube ever reap enough souls to finally fill his quota? Will Roxy shoot someone other than Mason? Thank Gods there is a movie coming out on video in February. I so need the box set.
My dishwasher is leaking worse than ever and the dishes are not getting cleaned very well. It is time to upgrade. So much for being virtuous in not booking a trip to the Bahamas, choosing instead to pay down debt with Hman's bonus. Our choices will be limited to what will fit in the space left by the old one. No remodelling is planned at this point in time. :o(
Will you be watching The Last Templar on NBC this weekend (25th and 26th at 9 ET)? I read the book last year and am surprised to see it as a miniseries on network TV. Wonder if it will be good..... How does Mira Sorvino, Oscar awarded actress, feel about doing a TV mini series? Interesting, non? Or not depending on one's perspective, I guess.
Have a great day.


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Purdy mitts. Are they going to be for me? :)

Janey said...

Is that Patons mitten pattern online somewhere? Hidden in a vintage knitting blog?

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Tara said...

I needs me some Nordic mittens... I want to make one of the pairs in my Selbuvotter book!