Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Power Bill came.....

... and I am now furtively turning down all the thermostats and layering on more clothes. HOLY CRAP! Never seen a power bill that high before.
The plus side of turning the heat lower is that a hot cup of herbal tea will be so much more comforting. Ok I'm trying to put a happier face on this. Its been a cold winter and I got sick of been chilly all the time and set the 'stats at a crazed 20 degrees and left them there...NO SET BACK. The bedrooms were kept cooler of course, but the main floor has been at 20 for 3 weeks. I hope he doesn't catch on that its all my fault. I'm pretty sure that bigger TV has something to do with it too.
I better knit more socks.

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Anonymous said...

Buy more yarn- it insulates.