Monday, January 26, 2009

Stupid Power Outage

Our new torture device...I MEAN exercise bike the Nordic track 300 or something like that from Sears. Its awesomeness all wrapped up in "Ugh!Sweat! Eeeew..."
I had a big ol' posting about all the fascinating doin's here chez nous, and then the power went off for about 10 seconds. DANG.
To recap: Exercise bike is installed in family room. Verdict: its harder than I thought! I am even more out of shape than Jabba the Hutt. its is sad, sick and wrong to be this weak and I am aiming to remedy that.
Dishwasher needs replacing. Verdict: Easier than will arrive and become one with the house on Friday between 12 and 5 pm. Thank the gods of home appliances for Sears.
Rhinoviruses: I might have one..Verdict: could be allergies, who knows? whaddo I look like a doctor?
Knitting machine for sale from someone I know and trust. Verdict: Hman won't let me buy it even though I promised many speedy pairs of socks. Poohead. Stupid bills and debt and economic slowdown and being responsible adults.
Knitting on needles. Verdict: still lovin' it. Mom's sweater is almost to the armpits and I await the needles by mail to commence the sleeves. How exciting! My worsted weight house socks are on the heel flap of sock two. All that Jane Austen movie and mini series watchin' is paying off big time. Yeah baby!!! I have terrible startitis and am being strong...won't cast on until Nordic Mitten knit along in February. Its so ahrd to resist the lure of the stash...just a wee cute sweater for my sister's friend's baby hard to resist..
That is all. Be well. Live long and prosper.


Suldog said...

Good luck on the exercising. I hear tell it gets easier as you go along, but I have little experience to back up that statement.

inukshuk71 said...

Now if you could work out a way to cycle AND knit at the same time, that would be something! Keep at it, you'll improve faster than you think.

Terri-Lynn said...

Nice bike...we just bought a treadmill. It also is esconced in the basement. Cool thing about treadmills is you can put the dog on it too! I'm trying to go everyday after dinner dishes. Yeah what a reward for getting the dishes done... No wonder they were still there at breakfast yesterday :p My biggest bit** is boredom. I think I now need some audio books on a snazzy iPod.

Anonymous said...

Book rack. If it has one, use it. Then you're getting 2 things done at once that take away from knitting time.

Startitis is killing me. But I promised myself I would do some organizing...

Tara said...

You've GOT to be in better shape than Jabba, sweetie. Seriously, he's got no legs! How's he gonna go on an exercise bike? ;)