Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Isn't this an exciting day? I will be glued to the TV thats for sure, watching the inauguration, something I have never bothered with in the past. It never seemed to matter to me before but THIS TIME is a monumental day.
As for yesterday, I totally copped out on Audrey and cancelled our date. I was just so friggin' tired right down into my bones. I have been fighting off virus symptoms for a week. They come lightly to tease at me and make me weak and then they go again. Scratchy throat, irritated ears, and sinuses. Also, its January and as we all know, I am part bear come January and practically hibernate. I slept for a good 4 hours yesterday afternoon (Hman arrived home early from work to find me and Newnie curled up on the couch, Flash on the back of it, and Blossom next to the sofa on the floor...all of us looking up at him with sleepy eyes. All he could do was laugh at us) and was still into bed and asleep before midnight last night. I am so lucky to have an understanding friend and a sweet husband.
Today it is Tuesday and although I am not working today, I let the kids go to the lunchtime and afterschool program at school. This means they get to play with school pals and I get an entire uninterupted day of peacefulness. It will be excellent and I can watch all the Obama coverage without any squabbling etc. Sweet. And maybe take a nap? Definitely get that laundry diminished....?
On the knitting front: I have used an entire skein of yarn so far on mom's sweater. This is exciting and also scary...will 3 skeins be enough for the main colour? I may need to get another just to be safe because I stll have several inches of body plus the sleeves to do.
Also, some of the gals and I have mentioned a desire to knit Nordic style mittens and so have declared February a knit along month for those interested in our two participating groups on Ravelry, North Shore Knitters and Effiloche's Unravelled Knitters. January was the Noro Scarf knit along but someone knit my scarf as a wonderful birthday gift (I love you, Geeta)so I haven't participated as planned. I will be making the mittens as a gift to my wonderful hairdresser Nancy. Between hair cuts I need to get my bangs trimmed up to 3 times, and she never charges me for it because we are friends and it only takes a few minutes, but its still her time and her skills being used so I am making her some awesome mittens. I just need the perfect patterns..and yarn..
Today I am ordering some Knit Picks stuffs...2 books (Harmony Guides "Knit and Purl" and "Cables and Arans") and some more needles. Yay!!! More pretty pretty needles. I need them to keep the gauge accurate in mom's sweater sleeves since I am using my lovely coloured needles on the body. the Harmony Options needles are the cat's ass let me tell you. Pointy but not TOO sharp, slick but still grippy enough not to lose my stitches, did I mention lovely to behold? LOVE THEM. I have the sock needles set plus some extra 2,75 mm sets since its my most used sock needle size, and at Xmas my darling got me the interchangeable circular set I was longing for and I love them. LOVE them. They are reasonably priced needles, you get 6 dPNs rather than the standard 4 or 5, and they are really nice in the hands. I'm looking forward to recieving my package!


Anonymous said...

Happy Obama day to you, too!!

Tara said...

I'm back! Slowly catching up on my blog-reading!

I need to pick up an extra set of Harmony dpns in 2.5 mm size. I've lost one, and one of the remaining 5 has a snag on one end :(