Sunday, January 18, 2009

January 18th

My kids are driving me up the effing wall. Bicker bicker bicker whine whine whine! ARGH!!! I just sent one to do homework and the other to occupy himself in his bedroom away from electronic devices such as TV and computer.
Work commenced on my mother's sweater. Its so pink..ugh. Dusty Rose rather, or as I like to call it "Old Lady Pink". I've done the ribbing at the bottom and am well into the stockinette body. 15 inches to the arm pit from the bottom, and then I get to cast on sleeves, for which I do not have the needles (Harmony dpns in 4mm and 5mm...a 16inch 5mm circular would be handy too, but not a total necessity). I will order them at the end of the month/beginning of February.
Newman is as wonderful as ever. Hman has encouraged bad behaviour such as biting and scratching in play and they have a terrific time, but I DON'T enjoy having my hand shredded by those now sharp claws. I haven't been trimming Newman's claws so that he can climb his cat tree, but I think I will have to start again no matter how much he hates it.
I finished one heavy sock and need to rip it back out, at least the toe area. Just not satisfied with it since I forgot to do the toe in off white like the stripes and heel, and also I knit too far for gradual decreasing and I don't like the fit. Ripping it back 2-3 inches and redoing the toe will fix that and make me happier so I guess I will do that tonight.
I am very dull today, huh?


Anonymous said...

I hear you on the kitty claws! and the bickering kids, I run to referee one more fight...

Tara said...

I'll trade you your bickering kids for one whiney 4 year-old. Deal?