Thursday, September 04, 2008

Did you ever...?

...enter a phase of your life and look at all the dots getting connected and say "Wow. This is excellent. My life is so flupping great!" ? This is how I feel lately.
First of all my European adventure is in 15 days. I got new sandals for the excursion and am wearing them everywhere to get them broken in. I'm very excited about this trip because until 2006 I'd never really BEEN anywhere. Then BAM I was in Hawaii, this year it was Virginia, now Europe! Wowsers.
Second,I have an awesome part time job this Fall at a yarn shop. How frakking awesome is that?? It starts in October and I am so excited. I will be with people I like alot, surrounded by yarn...its all good!
Rhinebeck is coming up and I am still stoked. Lots of knit pals are going, some staying at the same motel, and FUN WILL BE HAD. Knitterly, possibly alcohol infused, fun.
Hman pondered out loud the possibility of heading to NS for Christmas. Like, actual christmas, not just a weekend before christmas. Yes even though I am Pagan oriented, we still do Christmas (I call it Yule in my head). Why? Well I am not my whole family, and they like it. I do too and its not unreasonable to keep it since it coresponds with a Pagan festivity (the Winter Solstice/Yule). So, maybe going home for a holiday! Cool. Its not written in stone yet so I have NOT mentioned it to my Mom. It depends on some things and stuffs etc etc. The plan as it stands in all its unconfirmedness is that we would rent a house in the area of my parents home and host the christmas gathering of my family and also have Nanny and Grandpa for Christmas day for the first time ever. I warned Hman that we would need to make decission very soon and arrangements as well in order to start the ball rolling on the family gathering (gotta synchronise calendars etc). Like I said, there are some outside circumstances and what they may bring that influence the possibility so I'm hoping we have a yes or no by October sometime.
I have a project that Hman and I are going to start this Autumn. When its ready I will give details. Its a silly little bit of fun for me that he's going to A) finance and B) help me with. He's the best. You know, he even recorded the season Premier of BONES for me last night. How awesome is that?! Yup. The best. Today.
Anyways, said project which few people know about because its better that way, could be great or it could totally suck rancid billy goats balls, but I could never have entertained the idea before now so its another great point in my life right now and something to look forward too even with its steep learning curve.
Anyways, my point in all this is that right now, life just seems to be lining up really well and though experience teaches that this can be derailed at any point at Fate's whimsy, right now its pretty grand.


Suldog said...

Life is good. Always. It sometimes doesn't seem that way, but God always puts it together in the end. I truly believe that.

Josiane said...

I'm so glad to read that the stars are in a great alignment for you right now! I've only met you once (unfortunately... and I can't wait to have the opportunity to meet up with you again!), but that was more than enough to know that this is truly deserved. Enjoy!

Tara said...

I'm glad to read that you're happy and excited and content and all that fun stuff. Truth be told, you looked a little fried last Wednesday, and I wondered what was up.

And by the way? I am SO up for alcohol infused fun at Rhinebeck. Name the place. I'm THERE.