Thursday, September 18, 2008

One More Sleep!!!!

Don't hate me because this is where I will live for 9 nights...or is is 8...?
My sister, the wonderful, helpful, stupendous, Jessie!, arrived yesterday. Just waiting in the airport for her flight had me bursting into misty eys, threatening fukll blown tears,, from thexcitement and relief of seeing her again. Its been since January and I don't think I have ever gone so long without her in my entire life. Sure, we talk on the phone a couple times a week or more, but to have her in person....thats the stuff! When she was actually physically in my arms, I did break down. I admit it.
So, late night last night of gab and chinese food and TV and more gab.
Today its all about grocery store, drug store, packing and laundry for packing. "Why ?", you ask? BECAUSE! Its one more sleep until Hman and I leave for SPAIN!!! Spain, Spain, Spain, Spain, Spay-ayn! (You can't make friends with Sal-ad! song tune thanks to Kadi)

Of course when Jessie travelled here, she arrived bearing gifts! I have several new awesome blouses to takle away with me plus a nice melon colour pair of capris, a skort thats NOT short short short because with my thighs? Oh so scary. I will not be embarrassingly dressed while away. Thank you!!
Also, I will be listening to music on my very own, cost me nada, IPOD NANO!!! How you like THAT! Hman was at a conference at work and he won it...and gave it to ME!! He has an MP3 but I think mine's nicer...heh heh. So exciting! play nice and love one another while I'm away. Ciao!


Tara said...

Have a great trip, Alison! I expect a bevy of pictures when you get back.

Melanie said...

Have a fabulous trip! And be sure to sample your fair share of sangria - you will never touch the stuff here again I promise! :)

K. said...

Enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!!!! Have a safe trip and oogle the hot spaniards for me please...

Maryse said...

Have a great trip! Now I will want to go to Laval Knits to hear about your trip! I've been to Spain in May and loved it! Lovely country!