Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday evening

Its been a quiet weekend, chez nous. Friday night I went out to Effiloche with Nathalie and we made it home before midnight. My car is fixed (picked it up before heading into Montreal) and works great so far. Turns out the problem was an air intake thingamabobble that wasn't working right so the fuel couldn't combust. Now we gots all kinds o'combustinatin'!!! Its awesome. The best part? It totally did not cost 2000 dollars. Yay!
I cleaned the refrigerator today and it was a scary experience. So much waste! So much dried on crud! Nasty nasty nasty. Much emptying of jars for the recycling(fondue sauces are now BANNED I swear). Must remember to do this chore more often. Looks awfully nice (and very very empty).
Later today Hman headed to a fancy schmancy hotel for a conference the company is hosting. The boys and I went with in order to partake of the mini bar, the pool facilities, and have supper that we didn't have to cook or clean up after. Ben had his usual naked pasta with cheese but Cameron impressed me with his selection of a chicken and sweet red pepper salad to start, followed by fancy chicken strips and fries. MY KID ATE SALAD!!! I almost cried.
I skipped the first appetiser of the table d'hote (just wasn't intrigued by the soup or the salad). My second appetiser selection was an interesting wild mushroom melange in a rich brown sauce, with puff pastry. My main course was unexpectedly hearty: Brome duck breast in a berry enhanced gravy with side veggies. This duck was unlike any I had before. we actually had to double check with the waiter that he gave me the right order because I swear to goodness that duck tasted and had the texture of lean beef. Weird, non? Maybe its because whenever I'd had duck before it wasn't the breast. Delicious but not the flavour I was expecting.
After dessert the boys and I headed for home in the dark and rain. The moon came out as we travelled and that was nicer but all the road construction crap everywhere helped me miss my exit to the 640 Est. Grrrrr. The guys fell asleep after that. Once home the went straight to their beds and passed out. Aaaawwwww.


Suldog said...

Oog. I try to avoid eating fungus whenever possible. To each his or her own, however.

Tara said...

I was wondering what was up with the 'shroom pic! That story could have gone MUCH differently. LOL!