Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Every Season.....

Its changing out there. This morning there was a light frost on the grass and we could see our breath. Cam insisted he was not cold and went off to school in a tshirt. Ben at least wore sleeve. Brrrrr.

I love autumn. It has been my favourite time of yaer since childhood. The chill. The colours. The sense of the Earth getting ready to hunker down and have a rest. In Ns the Autumn lingers but here its a much quicker transition from heat to snow that I was ever used to. Gotta be quick to appreciate it here in the Qc.

The Election blah blah continues. May has now been included in the televised debate and its a great lesson in how public outcry can make a difference. Folk of all parties protested vociferously to the media, their MPs, and the leaders email inboxes had to have been overflowing! LOL Yesterday morning the news was sopund biting Harper as saying the discussion was closed. Last night the news was filled with the reports that Harper and Layton has backed down. Oh how we laughed.

So far my riding only has 2 candidates, a Bloc and a Conservative, neither of which I would vote for. I wait for an alternative to appear. The parties have until the 22nd I believe to fill the positions. There was a 20 something at Walmart last week with a petition in order to seek the Liberal candidacy. He required a now forgotten number of signatures of support in order to throw his hat into the ring. I signed and wished him luck regardless of his youth and inexperience.

Last night was knit night in Laval and we had and lovely time! I got to hold possibly the happiest baby I have ever met. What a delightful armful wee Albert (en francais s'il vous plait)is. I know some people think thumb sucking is to be discouraged but he's only very small and it was so precious. He was enjoying that tiny thumb and his wide eyes took in the world around him with aplomb. He was easy to coax into smiling and just looking into his eyes cooing to him was enjoyable. He didn't fuss all evening! I think we all fell in love with him. It was him mommy's first time to join us now that her schedule is less hectic and she was so much fun! Not shy and silent at all but immediately fit right in with the rest of us. Before we knew it the evening had flown by and it was 10 pm. I got all the gusset decreases on the 2nd Belle Maman done. I want the pair finished and soaked before Wednesday.

The car gets its examination today. Gods only know how much this is going to cost. >:oP

David Suzuki has a new book out! D. S.'s Green Guide. Oooohhhh. I love D.S. When I was a kid I thought he was very unattractive and borning. As an adult I find him very very attractive and a fascinating person for the strength of his convictions and incredible knowledge. Must check this book out!


Tara said...

Sounds like you had fun last night. Sorry I missed it (stupid familial obligations...) See you soon I hope.

AliP said...

You were missed.....and discussed in depth...mwahahahahahaha.
See? Since you weren't there you will never know if I lie or not. ( I do...or DO I?)