Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Isn't it Fascinating?

Not anymore! This post has been EDITTED TO REMOVE ANGRY CONTENT!

Yesterday, Thing One was home sick for the morning. His tummy has been not good for a couple of days now and we have a doctor's appointment for tomorrow afternoon. He felt inclined to go to school in the afternoon though so he can't be that sick. Poor monkey. He has actually GROWN though. I had to dispose of several pair of jeans which meant, yay, shopping, and YAY my littlest sized picky eater kid has advanced in size!! I hit Children's Place (love love love) and got him 3 pairs of pants and two new shirts. I also got Thing Two a new pair of jeans and two shirts. Then I wandered into Old was more like being pulled in by its gravitational pull... and checked out the liquidation racks. I got the cutest nighty for Spain and a pair of blue capris. I love Old Navy liquidation racks.

On my way home from the mall, my car started to act up. On the highway, in the center lane, during rush hour..I stalled out! Yes that was ME! Oh my Gods it was horrifying being THAT car. Feeling the hate and exasperation radiating from all the other drivers. I will never be so cruel in my thoughts towards the breakdowns again because, unlike some, my car is maintained with regular oil changes etc. Its not neglected! Yet, it still died in traffic.

Luckily, I got it to start again (thank you deities of cars)and limped onward with my poor sputtering vehicle to the nearest exit, got off the highway and into the closest parking lot where it totally conked out. And it stayed pretty much like that! I was close enough to home that I could easily walk but I was worried because the guys were due home from school and the house was locked up! Oh the angst and stress! Poor baby car is off to a garage today, via tow truck, and Audrey, lovely Audrey, is going to drive Nathalie and I to knit night. For Ben's doctor appointment Hman will have to get home early and take us rather than meet us there as planned.

Now, if this wasn't enough silliness my phone has gone all weird! I tried calling Momma today and she could not hear me at all. Same thing with Jessie but Jess has caller ID so she called back and the phone worked fine. It would appear that my outgoing long distance calls are behaing strangely. Incoming and local calls are fine. Whats up with that? Hman swears he paid the bill. LOL

So there are two things...where's the third?


Tara said...

I completely understand how you feel. Imagine what the Harlot must go through! Still, don't let it bother you too much. Your friendly commenter probably won't be back.

Gotta get me to the Children's Place soon (preferably I won't stall out on my way home though).

Karine said...

Pay them no mind. Months after I posted about my trip to Rouyn-Noranda someone took exception to my characterization of the town as small saying that I didn't properly investigate it's gastronomical offerings. I responded but really, there was no point because clearly whomever didn't bother to actually read what I wrote.

AliP said...

Thanks, Sweeties. It means a lot to me, your comforting words. I have since removed my angry lash out at the anonymous commentor that annoyed me so. I am ashamed for having let it get to me.
Happier days ahead!