Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I am not political

I don't get politics really. Yes, if I wanted to I could bone up on issues etc beyond my own opinions but seriously, listen to most opionators and youi will see rather one sided arguments.
This is not about that however. Its about integrity and democracy in a free country. Apparently Stephen Harper has neither integrity nor maturity. He refuses to appear in televised debates if Green leader Elizabeth May is invited, which she has every right to attend if invited by the Nazi..I mean...media consortium that is "hosting' said televised debate. But since the Prime Moron won't attend if she does and then the other "cool' kids said that if PM isn't going then they won't...the consortium has omitted a leader who has candidates from her party nation wide, unlike the Bloc Quebecois who is ONLY REPRESENTED IN ONE PROVINCE!!!!! The consortium says "Its a journalistic exercise" which is complete and total bullshit. Do you really think that the PM would not show if the debate went on without him? That Layton and Duceppe wouldn't back down and change their minds if Dion and May were to carry on the televised debate..the only televised candidates debate in the country? Bullshit.
Ok...again I ask you where is the maturity and dignity here? The Conservative party had a website portraying Stephan Dion of the Liberals as "not a leader" and an animated puffin would fly by and shit on him. FOR REAL!!!! It was on Canada AM this morning!
Yes...we are governed by middle schoolers! The cool kid won't come to the debate/ party and has his minions denegrate his top oppositional target into looking like a complete dink. The entire Conservative platform has been "I'm a nice guy" and "Stepahne Dion is a poopy head dum dum". The website "not a leader" has been all over the news and now..NOW.. Harper has said, oh thats not nice, and the website images are no longer as they were. Just like a bully getting caught tormenting someone with his buddies. He had it stopped because of the out cry but seriously, the damage has been done.
I DO think Harper is a dictator and bully. He made a law about when elections can be called and then BROKE his own law. When Stronach left the Conservatives he threw a fit and said she should have to run in a by election to retain a seat, yet when someone came over to the Conservative side it was all hugs and kisses and smiles. Double standarding asshole. Why can't Chatelaine magazine get an interview with his wife? Huh? I hear its Because she has been told to keep her mouth shut. Controlling prick.
Yup..Election time in Canada! Completely junior high and I don't blame May if she came without a "You guys are so immature!!!" and Dion went in to the science lab to construct some sort of device to prove once and for all what I have always claimed. Stephen Harper is an alien android. What other explanation is there and his inability to grasp our Earthing ways like...uumm..being human??!
To me, E M and S D are the cool kids.


Tara said...

That's the one thing I envy about Americans. They only have to deal with this crap every four years.

A Helping Friend said...

You should a) learn how to write paragraphs - your blog is a complete and udder mess. How is anyone supposed to read your blog? It's a huge headache. It's called the ENTER key. Try using it after one subject before the next. It's on your keyboard for a reason.

And b) you should learn how to hyper link. Typing out links is so elementary school and looks ugly on the blog. If you don't know anyone who can teach you, google is your friend. Oh, and by the way, BLOGGER allows you to HYPER LINK. It's right there in front of you when you compose your blog post. Highlite the thing you want to link and click on the hyper link button, type in the link and hit OK. Très simple. You should learn it. Maybe more people will read your blog if it were more legible.

Ok, I have a headache now. Asprin time.

AliP said...

Interesting that some one so excellent in their advice would use the word "udder" rather than the proper word "utter".
There's this book that I learned how to use in Grade One...its called a dictionary. Buy one. Srsly.

Tara said...

Don't forget to take that "Asprin!" LOL!

Jennifer Lori said...

I liked "google" and "highlite" for "Google" and "highlight". Somewun shore has demselfs an edjumakation dere!

AliP said...

Heh heh. You guys is so CUTE!!!