Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wednesday's Thoughts

I want...with a basket.

Discovered that mystery bug in house is a variety of assassin bug. Am now afraid for my life. Also afraid of bugs and so doubly afraid.
Does my fondness for funny/witty/profound bumper stickers make me tacky?
Mojitos are good.
Will I ever complete a pair of fully functional mittens?

Deep huh? Thats me. Deep waters run still. Because ,you see, to run actively makes me sore and sweaty.
Todays plans: take bike to repair shop because I can't get the bike I want SO BAD!!! Also buy more rum and some limes (see above Mojito comment). Tonight is knitting in NDG so I will get out of the house for awhile to chat with other humans of the non-male persuasion that actually sometimes find me and interesting conversationalist. And never do I have to order them to put on some friggin' pants.


Tara said...

Enjoy Knit Night! I'm soooooo looking forward to next Wednesday's Laval Knits!

Suldog said...

Mojitos make everything better. Even assassin bugs.

Heh. ASS-ASSIN bugs. Heh.

Vicky said...

lol,I'm sure any coversation without pants on must be intresting,