Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday recap

I had the bestest day. I really did. At 4 pm my fabulous babysitter arrived and I hit the road to St Hubert street. Plaza St Hubert is closed to traffic for a BIG sidewalk sale and boy was it a party! Music, sales, food, people...! It was fab. I bought high wedge heeled strappy sandals. Aerosoles so they are actually fairly comfortable.
But I had a mission...I was to meet Janet, Caroline, and Anna at Chaton Beads( )to pick out Swarovski crystal beads from their fantastic array of colours. Then we moseyed to C and M Textiles for some heavy silk fabric for Janet to line an lovely crochet bag.
THEN we sauntered south on St Hubert, back to the closed off portion (Plaza) and arrived at Effiloche. Ginette had one of the knit lounge sofas out on the sidewalk with some chairs and a table for snacks and drinks so knit night was a fresh air wonderful experience! Janet made my crystal pendant for me since I am all thumbs and will supply me with a pattern to make more. I LOVE it. So sparkly. Daniel sacrificed some heavy silver embroidery thread for me to wear it right away. Ginette was full of hugs and looked FABULOUS. She's been working out at the gym and running and good googly moogly ( its paying off in spades and abs!!! I am way jealous and proud of her.
THEN I left and met Hman at the theater for a movie. You know the one...the one with my boyfriend AND my girlfriend. Oh to be the center of a sexy sandwich with James MmmMmmmMmmMcAvoy and Angelina Jolie. They were HOT and it was a very actiony movie (Wanted) with never a dull minute.
Altogether a fantastic and fun filled Friday!!!!


Tara said...

So jealous! Nothing like a day of shopping, knitting and fantasizing! :) Great Googly Moogly indeed. LOL!

Josiane said...

Ha! Now that the move is done, I'm slowly catching up on blogs, and look what I find here? All the fun I've been missing in Montreal while I was moving away! Oh well... I'm glad you had such a great day, though. :)