Friday, July 25, 2008

A Mommying OOPS!

The kids have been at Tennis day camp all week which on the first day was hard on me but now I wish they'd just stay there.
Cameron has a problem with some kid. He says the kid mocks him..say the kids says he smells (Mommy I Took A Shower Last night!!! said Cameron mightily offended), barges in on C when he's getting changed to try and embarrass him, etc etc. I said that this kid obviously had issues and was just trying to get him going and not to let it get to him too much because jackasses abound in this mortal coil. So far Cameron says he has not retaliated. I said maybe he should. Sometimes irritating people can benefit from a good ol dose of sarcastic rejoinder no? To which I introduced the Jimmy Buffet song " Were You Born An Asshole?"
Mistake. Because when I came up with this brilliant response to his antagonist, I didn't edit it for juniors. We have since changed the song to "Were You Born A Butthead?" but really, the damage has been done.
Yet again, I strike out as a Good Mommy. As a slightly mischievous and malevolent Mommy I'm pretty great I think...but as a GOOD Mommy? I suck. And now I have Jimmy Buffett singing in my head ALL DAY LONG!!!

I think its an apt punishment for my crime, don't you?


Suldog said...

Ah. Not the worst thing to have your kid calling other kids assholes. Well, at least if they actually are :-)

Tara said...

Ouch. That's like when I heard a little "tabanak" from my then 16 month old daughter. Gotta watch EVERYTHING you say to these kids! :)

Knit and Purl Mama said...

I hate how cruel other kids can be!