Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday mania

Photo from Club Scott website.
It is the Monday after a weekend away and we all know what that means. LAUNDRY! Lots'n'lots of laundry. (I have NO clean shorts. >:o( )
And pool vacuuming. And house de-griming because it was mildly neglected during the pre weekend preparations. I did however strip off the couch and wash all the covers. Mmmmmmm fresh and clean.
Today I took Blossom, our shaggy deaf dog, to the groomers. Unfortunately her appointment is for tomorrow.
Why yes I am an idiot thank you very much. She remains shaggy for another day and counts herself lucky.
The fishing trip was lovely if not packed with fish. We came home with two wee trout that would have been better left in the lakes. Nice expensive trouts. We also saw beavers. I got a souvenir ball cap with the outfitter's logo on it as a momento of our first family fishing trip.
The weeds in the garden decided to go into growth overdrive over those two days but it is VERY hot today in my yard so I may wait until evening for pulling them. That and until I find my gloves because I keep getting a dermatitis from some of the weeds sap.
I did accomplish one thing while away. I finished a pair of Instant Mittens. Then I gave them away. Thus I have no proof so you just have to take my word for it. I am very pleased with myself. A whole functional pair of mittens. I will use the pattern again but it makes fairly small mittens so I need to up the cast on numbers by at least 4 OR increase by 4 after the wrist ribbing. The pattern designer must have slim hands.
Anyways,I am tired, hot, and hungry. Typical Monday afternoon, non?


Tara said...

Cold beer? Seems like a must on a day like today (it is a SCORCHER out there!).

inukshuk71 said...

Sorry about the lack of fish on your trip. If anyone doubts you finished a pair of mittens send them to me - I've seen the beginning of said mittens and can vouch for their existence. This week-end I discovered how to make Delice & Chocolat iced tea... yes I did!