Friday, July 18, 2008


Wednesday night I went out knitting and scored a wicked cool green combination yarn. Thanks Josiane!!!!!!! Now if you could maybe remember what it is...? I could do a flame test I suppose, to check for wool fibers etc but i hate to waste an inch of such great yarn. I also cast on my second pair of xmas mittens and am almost done the second now. LOVING instant mittens. Very productive knitting.
This week has been pretty tame. I took the kids to Center de Nature in Laval on Tuesday and we had a really fun time exploring.
Tonight I took myself to the movies alone and saw Get Smart. Love Steve Carell. He's the best. The Rock was very funny in his role as Agent 23. LOVED the tech nerds Bruce and LLoyd...there is a dvd out of them and now I must rent it. A sequel with be sweet because Himie was introduced right at the end (Patrick Warburton...yum!).
Before going out I highlighted my hair. It looks ....okay.. I think.
I have done worse. Tomorrow I am getting a trim so that may help things and ease the bushyness from the damaged ends. I jusrt wanted a bit of a sun kissed look and I think its alright. We'll see if I get openly mocked when friend see it.


Josiane said...

Oh, cool! I'm glad you found something you liked in that little bag of yarn! Thanks to Janet for taking it and bringing it to the knit night for me. Actually, the yarn you grabbed is one of the very few in that bag that I considered keeping for myself... I'm happy it ended up in your hands! As for its fibre content, I'm sorry: I have no clue what it is, as it came to me unlabeled. Good luck finding out, and have fun knitting with it! I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll turn it into!

Tara said...

Sunkissed locks, eh? I'm sure you look great. See you Wednesday?