Monday, July 21, 2008


I signed on for my first ever knit along (KAL)which is also my first ever Mystery knit. The sweeties at Sweet Paprika Designs, Deborah in particular, are "hosting" this project. Deb designed a shrug and doles out the pattern "clues" one at a time until you end up with a finished object and go "Oh wow! So thats what I have been knitting!". All we know is that its a shrug, nothing else. (except i have seen the shrug and love it).
Friday I got my first "clue" and it was for working out how much DK weight yarn I will need to knit for my size. I did all the measuring and followed Deborah's brilliant formula and came up with a (large) number of how many yards of DK yarn I need.
The problem is that I am on a yarn fast and don't want to BUY yarn. I have made it a mission to knit FROM STASH ONLY until Rhinebeck..well Spain actually and then Rhinebeck. I thought that this KAL would be a great way to use up more stash!!
WRONG!!!! If I was (much)thinner it would be great but as it stands right now the only yarn that I have enough yardage of is an Aran weight that is much heavier and not at all complimentary to the project. Am I pissed off? Why yes I am thank you!!
Because of my shoddy yarn shopping skills ( a skein here, a skein there...) I can't knit this project from stash and will have to buy the yarn. ARGH!! I am so mad at myself!!!!!!!
I hereby vow that I will buy delicious yarns in larger more useable quantities from now on. I so vow!!!! No more "ooh its so pretty but pricey so I'll only buy one or two...enough for a hat maybe...". I won't get caught so short handed again.


Josiane said...

Oh, that's too bad! Maybe you can find the perfect yarn in someone's stash on Ravelry, and that person would be open to a trade for something you have in your stash? I hope you'll be able to work out something that will work well for that gorgeous shrug AND leave you feeling good!

Tara said...

I haven't even bothered checking how much yardage I might need. Once I saw "DK" I know I wouldn't have enough in the stash.