Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Been awhile

I have been a tad busy and thought I had nothing to write.
But I was WRONG!!
Busy-ness breeds stuffs to blah blah about here on the blah-g so blah blah I shall. Cuz its my blah-g.

Starting in no particular order:
There was a water spout touch down in Montreal which is a kind of Holy F$ck kinda thingy. See video here> .
That night, after the water spout that I had no knowledge of at the time, I was on a dinner cruise of the port. Yes, my husband took me into teeny tornado territory which again proves that he is trying to kill me ( I have a list of foiled "attempts"!!). I'm kidding. OR AMM I???
The dinner cruise was way more fun than I expected of a business function because A) there were more people than I expected and B) there was alcohol. I lost my voice too. Too much chatter over large noise. Wore my high wedge sandals too and had sore feet next day. Was much much fun.
THURSDAY: My friend J and C came over to knit eat and swim. We ate and talked. No knitting ensued because we were too busy noshing of yummies the gals prepared and no swimming happened because of crappy weather. But it was fun and we SHALL do it again as often as the chickies want. HINT HINT!
Friday: I went to Effilochee for some much needed chillin' with yarn fumes. J and C met up with me there and it was fun to sit and knit with Baby Ginette and Daniel and talk about everything under the sun. janet was our DJ for the evening after being shown how to work the store's Mac. Many '80's and obscure music requests. Fun and funny.
Weekend: I painted my front door with Ben while Hman and Cam were at the Rodgers Cup. Finished and dyed Xmas Instant Mittens pair #3. I "heart" instant mittens.
Monday: I painted my door again and tried real hard not to kill people.
Tuesday was fabulous weather and the kids were awesome and I was muuuuuch nicer to everyone. I cast on my first ever Mitered Mitten and cracked the code on the defunct baby booty that I kept screwing up over and over again due to my own stupidity. Yay me!
Today: Its HOT! I have vacuumed the pool already since Hman didn't have time this AM, due to leaving for Qc City at 6 AM. "Thats no excuse." he was informed last night. And then we laughed as if I was joking....better than divorce non?
Today' agenda is laying by the pool and in the pool and maybe clearing up the kitchen and knitting by the pool. The kids are donning swim gear as we speak so I guess its time to go.....


Josiane said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy indeed, but mostly with enjoyable stuff! I wish I could have joined the fun with J, C, and you! I'm not envying you the part where you say the h-o-t word, though... over here, I'm blessed with nice temps and a cool breeze. Enjoy your day by and in the pool!

Tara said...

I got to go on the bateau mouche lately, and it was awesome! I think I want to go on a 60 minute cruise with the kids during our holidays. Will there be any afternoon knitting with the ladies over the next 2 weeks? hint hint?