Thursday, January 26, 2006


I had an excitment last night (get yer mind outta the gutter). I went to class (last one...waaaaaaaahahhhh) and Scarlet let it be known the store needs part time staff. and if I was interested to apply. some thats no big deal but for me it is. Firstly, I was flattered that she considers me worthy of the shop (possibly). I respect Scarlet's knowledge and experience in these areas and for her to have a good opinion of my skills is quite lovely. I am very interested and must draft a quick old one is on the old hard drive...argh..and I can't find any hard copies. I quizzed the boys about how they would feel about lunch time and after school service de garde and they are all for it. YAY! That was a big worrying point for me. That and how late they operate for children to be picked up since I don't know what the hours would be but you know, anything is doable with enough will. It will all work out the way it is meant to whether I get a job or not.
Now that said, I hope I get it because it is a busy busy store! I have worked retail where business is sooooo slow that lack of sales is a panic point for staff. MUST make sales!!!! The desperation...the stomach aches....That and trying to find enough to do to fill the hours when you might only have 10 people in alllll day. This store is never dead! Not like I know dead!! Busy store means fun store. I love interacting with the people and helping them shop. I hate cash registers though....very intimidating and I panic sometimes when I hit a wrong key or make a mistake. I take copious notes on how to ring things in and void them etc so I don't mess up the cash. Those stupid machines! I hate them. its all their fault.
better get that CV ready and sent to Scarlet so she can decide to schedule an interview or not.

Caaannn't breeeeathe......


Owldaughter said...

You are totally capable of doing it. Not only that, but you'd be an excellent asset to the store! Remember, the first time I really spoke with you was after you did that fabulous informal counselling session with someone who had come into the MPRC, and I was on the other side of the wall feeding the baby so I couldn't help but overhear it. You were good, really good.

I hope everything turns out so that you can give it a shot.

Whaledancer said...

Oh Thanks so much!! You know, your compliment gave me such a high. I'm sooo easy LOL Seriously, It really meant a lot to me.
My favorite part of working sales or volunteering is helping folk. It really does it for me. Making sales in Melange will be easy because its all stuff I wish I had...:oP
Interview is at 5 pm. keeping fingers crossed.