Friday, January 27, 2006


Tonight was the open house for CMS and what a great time!! My feet are killing me. Stupid heels.
Richard always said I was a social butterfly but since I do treasure my alone time I always laughed it off. He's right though..I do like being around other people alot. For me tonight was like a big party where we got to share our good times at CMS with the world (or at least the curious) and I got to see some of my favorite new people (Hobbes, Airea, Nathalie, Sam, Rosanne, Scarlet, Flavia...). Hobbes and Sam loved my challah for Imbolc and Eri gave it the Jewish seal of approval (thanks Eri!!). I got to see my lil Sammy again which was so great. I've missed my little MPRC buddy.
Speaking of the good ol' MPRC, even if I don't get the job at the store, these kids of mine are going into service de garde at school at least one day a week so I can get back to the desk. I miss all the nifty folk that came by on occassion. I just wish more came in because it really breaks up the shift.
And the job interview...Well, I was nervous as all get out so I was in a bit of a sweat. There is a lot of competition for the job so I probably don't stand a chance in the hot place of getting it...BUT I WANIT! wanitwanitwanit. I will accept whatever happens with good grace though..see how grown up I have become world? Me! Acting all mature!! I'm accepting stuff! (even donations) Maybe I'm just running out of energy as I get older... twisting myself up into knots about stuff just isn't worth it anymore. :oD
Tomorrow its our family ski day...woohoo! Mont Olympia here I come!
Wonder if I can blog from traction?

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