Monday, January 23, 2006


Ok here we go again. I've been tagged to do a meme (Thank you Scarlet) but I don't know what a meme is so I will just copy the sections from her blog and wing it.

4 jobs I have had In My life:
1) McDonald's as a teenager...the waste is staggering and the pay sucks.
2)Waitressing in Uni. I am not very good. Spilled beer on a lady heeheee
3) Nanny...hide your children...eek
4) Coffee/magazine shop owner...woohoo I couldn't be fired!!!! But we lost
a lot of money on that venture. Never again.

4 movies I could watch over and over: 1) The Mirror Has Two Faces
2) Firefly dvds
3) Finding Nemo

4 Places I have lived: 1)Halifax, Nova Scotia
2) New Glasgow, NS
3) Newburne, NS
4) Terrebonne, Qc

4 TV shows I watch: 1) House
2) Grey's Anatomy
3) CSI
4) whatever the kids or husband are watching. we don't have cable or satelite any more so I don't watch much TV. The View is on now to keep me company.

4 Places I have been on vacation: 1) Quebec
2) New Brunswick
3) Nova Scotia
4) PEI
4websites I go to every day: 1)
4) for everything..healing, cleaning ideas,
parenting ideas, cooking, pagan ideas and links, links LINKS
4 Favorite foods: 1)Anything that I can put in my mouth
2) spaghetti and meatballs
3)Krispy Creme original donuts fresh and still warm
4) pistachios
4 places I'd rather be right now: 1) Halifax (in my sister's kitchen having a coffee)
2) the beach (in NS) strolling, swimming, playing with my
babies in the surf, beachcombing and collecting stuff
3) in bed reading a juicy novel (like the latest from George RR
Martin or Kevin Anderson...)
4) learning stuff from Scarlet, the most awesome teacher ever. And I am not SUCKING UP!

I can't tag...I don't know any other bloggers!!!!

We had an awesome weekend. I am officially becoming a skier!!!! I only wiped out 3 times and got the arm rest of the chair lift in the ass as we 4 tried to get on. that hurt most of all injuries incurred. The kids had a great lesson which allowed us to have time ALONE with thousands of other skiers and Richard taught me how to better control my speed etc. He's a great teacher least with skiing! This was only my 4th time on skis in my life. We ahd such an awesome day and each Saturday we will be doing it again. I've already given my orders for next Yule gifts: Ski bunny cuties ski clothes. I saw some nice ski outfits on the slopes...LOL I am such a material girl. Yet I try to fight it....sooooo conflicted!
Mont Olympia is so much nicer than Mont Gabriel where we've gone before. the boys have a hour and a half lesson each Saturday for the next 7 or 9 weeks and we will ski before during and after. the boys loved it so much! Super super time as a family. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
Sunday was slow and lazy with a trip down to Old Terrebonne to skate. The carnival is on (duuuh) so it was very busy. the ice is awful though. Next Sunday we will try and go back down but Richard wants to take the boys to the car show too. That would be nice. maybe I'll go browsing at Melange!! ha!
I am getting sad about class being over but on the other hand I am going to be free to do a few projects . Painting the bedroom is a big one. Ugly ugly blue room. Wallpaper must be ordered at the end of the month for the living room too. I'd also like to start a new quilt. i have been looking at Cameron's that I made and I am feeling the urge. My youngest grand-niece didn't get one yet, I was reminded by her mother my niece Teri-Lynn. She's so subtle...NOT! Having a grand niece makes me sound so old. I'm only 38!!!! Teri isn't super young either...I think she's over 30 now. Its just that I am the youngest of 5 ranging in age from 56 to 38. i was an aunt at 2 1/2 yrs of age!
Back to sad about class. I really looked forward to the class. it was my socialization and education time. I need to arrange childcare for my volunteering at the MPRC desk too. Next week.....


Aurora said...

Skiing is very cool! Sounds like fun. Can you believe that i have never been skiing before?

Whaledancer said...

NO WAY!!! How can that be?? You live in Ski-Land??!
In NS we have a few ski hils but they are small and we don't have reliable snow fall. My family wasn't athletic so we never did anything like that. I am coming to it later in life than most I guess but It really is fun. Try it!!