Monday, January 23, 2006


I don't know what to do about childcare for the boys so that I can go back to volunteering at the MPRC desk. I'm so cheesed at their french tuor for changing her schedule yet again. This means no more Monday lunch hour lesson for the boys and no MPRC for me. I could send the boys to school one day a week with a bag lunch...thats no problem but the fact that Cammie is afraid of the cafeteria is a major issue. Its the noise and bustle that scares him. Too many people and too much going on.
I attempted to get them in with the one lady I know that takes care of kids at lunch and after school but she's full up. Icould just scream
I voted today and I'm not sure I voted right. It was a toss up between NDP (as always) and Green. I usually vote NDP. For some reason I decided to go Green this year. Something just pointed me that way. Some may say "well there's a vote wasted! They'll never win!" "May as well give Harper the keys now!" But what is the point of NOT voting your conscience??
The fact is that without a sustainable, healthy environment we have dick all! Who else has a common sense attitude about this world we live in. I know....,"blah blah blah Economy!!" but what kind of economy will we have when all our natural resources are gone? When we can't let our kids go outside for fresh air because there is NONE?? When the polar bears are all gone because the ice has melted?
"blah blah blah Jobs!" Well why wouldn't encouraging a stronger environmental policy end up creating jobs in the Eco industries?
" blah blah blah Health Care!" Everyone would get healthier if they could bloody well breathe the air and drink the water!
You just can't for crooks or vote the for the devil you know or try something new and radical..?
Do I choose to vote in a party that squandered millions and had scandal after scandal? Do I vote for a party that is run by an android? Do I vote for a party that jumps from allegiance to allegiance in a political tapdance? Do I vote for a party that only represents one province? Or vote for a party that is devoted to saving our Mother?
I love my Mother.


Foxy Drama Queen said...

No vote is ever wasted, it just doesn't always reflect the opinion of the majority... ;)

Whaledancer said...

Thanks Drama Queen..