Sunday, January 29, 2006

So tiiiirrred

What a whirlwind this weekend has been. I am so tired but couldn't sleep past 6:30 this morning. Coffee is not helping yet but I am only on my second cup..or maybe it is the third? If I want to accomplish my goals for today I may need many more.
Ben is wiped out and super bitchy this morning. Cameron cannot even say a word without Ben having a meltdown. I fear that he will lose his trip with Daddy to the Montreal Car Show if he keeps it up because going anywhere with fighting kids is no fun. He's in a mood and rather than just accepting that its him he must BLAME it on someone..that someone being Cameron. Then we explain that his foul mood isn't Cam's fault..the kid didn't even do anything to him but he still rages against Cameron or then he cries because we are "mad at him" or "mean to him". More talk etc and then he's back raging at Cameron for being so evil as to hum "Old MacDonald". Now, that seems innocent enough BUT Cameron is sly and knows that sweet innocent "Old MacDonald" is a temper trigger for Ben between them from waaaay back. Parenting should require a doctorate in child and criminal psycholgy and a licence to practice. I am left feeling shell shocked and sometimes raging myself. Its like a contagion, anger and negativity. spreads and everyone in the house contracts it and its VERY VERY hard to shield yourself.
As Jess would say ...its time for a relaxing moment against the wall!!!!!!!!!!

Today I must: write my paper for CMS
Finish my journaling for CMS
Make smothered steak for supper (takes hours)
Go to grocery store for fixin's for smothered steak
make sure there are clean socks and undies for the kids for tomorrow morn
Vacuum and tidy so the house is less cluttered
Pass out?
Skiing was good yesterday. Very crowded and warm. Supper at R and V's condo was nice. She has great style and the house is alll just so. Very unlike our home where chaos reigns. I got great windo treatment ideas and admire her bravery with color. Its all so nice. A bathroom fit for a palace! Soo jealous. She taught me a secret of removing the marks from our stainless appliances: Old English furniture oil!!! Clean all dirt and grime away and dry it then wipe down with the simply gleams and NO MARKS! No streaks no finger prints no nuttin'! Thank the Gods I have found the secret! This is also on my list for today.
Better go have more coffee.

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T. Scarlet said...

EEEK... up before 6am on a SUNDAY!!! Heh... so was I... but I went back to bed. Today I refused to be rushed.