Thursday, January 19, 2006

A New Home For The Pod

We we blessed to have the fundage to invest in a new much improved tower this January. YAAAAY!!!! But it came with the price of loosing my access to My Pod posting capabilities and the so called support function of Blogger is unsupportive. I asked for help they said you can help yourself. I said no actually i can't please help and I got the same form email saying that I could help myself. Argggghhhh! I am technologically inept! I have no idea what to do and when I did try I made it worse. So...Like Oya I am tearing down the house instead of re arranging things and here is my new home. I have uninterestingly called it My Pod 2. Thats so as I can remember it. Oy! The brain is taking a beating these days! Scarlet dahlin' I hope its easier on your poor dear eyes.
So...On with the show
Level one is wrapping up and I am actually breathing again. Last week I was stressing and overwhelmed. You know how sometimes you have sooo much to do in life (or thats how it seems) you don't know where to start so the list in your head..its like it starts to spin and then you start to hyperventilate and then the nausea cuz its like a spinny ride at La Ronde and I don't do good with spinning but as a child I LOVED it..wait..what was I saying?
Yeah..totally wiggy, I was. There is great advice for people like me..Sit your fat ass down and make a freakin' list! But when 99% percent of the list is stuff you don't WANT to do its a daunting crappy list. I finally broke down and wrote paper number one which teacher dear read and said was acceptable. i was way happy because I had planned on handing in TWO papers at once since I'd gotten going but I am technologically inept (see above) and forgot to hit a crazy l'il thing called SAVE and lost it. DOH. Since I like to share the blame I blame that kid from across the street who was over playing with my boys. they adore M and he is a good child at heart but veeeeeeerrrrry active and we have the whole language barrier thing happening. If that kid isn't playing a video or computer game (not allowed with guests in this house) then its like he doesn't know what to do with himself so he had to chase the cats and dog around.
In other homes this might be ok but our girls have never been played with like that and they all kinda freak out. My repeated comments of ( Les animaux c'est n'est Pas Jouets! Jeu calme, svp" didn't seem to be connecting with his little hyper brain. The added distraction of M and my kids is what I'm claiming made me do something sooo stupid as to not save. ok I know its my own damn fault but still.
Anyhooo, I now need to retype and revise my goddess paper and write my History of language/writing paper. And then I think I have everything done. I hope I pass.
I made the decision not to do Level 2 this term. Now I am heartbroken. No Scarlet..No Flavia or Serena or anyone to look forward to each week. (Rosanne will be teaching ..No Rosanne to look forward too!). Its on Saturday's so even if I changed my mind, at this time I still can't go. We started skiing on weekends 2 weeks ago and although we didn't this past weekend(torential downpours), it is the plan to go to Mont Olympia each Saturday. The kids are enrolled in ski school and we will be skiing together as well. Family quality time on the slopes. Its very important. sigh... Its times like these that I'm all for cloning..Or I wish I had Hermione's Time Turner so I can do everything I want.
I bought a cool book to cheer myself up. Witch Crafts(that purple one!)...Airea!!!...I BOUGHT one..nya nya. I hear you were drooling. As soon as I sat down with it I thought of you and Nathalie. You guys need this one, too. I bought Cunningham's Spellcrafts book Last wait..maybe 2004 and I hated it. Terrible crafts..very simplistic and lame..BUT my friend loved it because of something in it so I gave it to her with joy. This book ( Witch Crafts)will not be leaving my clutches any time soon. hehhehhehminemineminemine.
So many reference materials, so little money. I love reference books..How to do things yadayadayada... Can't get enough. which brings me to The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood. Excellent book. All about how aromatherapy works and how to use essential oils for health, beauty, home and garden. Its super! A must have homemaking mommy reference book. Clean and disinfect without harsh chemicals, keep the family healthy without reaching for pills etc, soothe cranky kids....cranky mommies... You name it Worwood covers it!! Excellent. now we are all caught up and I have emptied my brain of some stuff that I just had to share with the global mind. I'm off to get a coffee and laze around a bit. I hope everyone has a fantabulous day and Scarlet, I'll be calling about how to retrieve that paper. its hopeless but I'll keep trying. Wall? Meet my head...


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