Thursday, July 16, 2009

Still without photos...

I apologise to those who demand photo updates. I have pics but they haven't been put onto the computer yet. I am very slow on these things and not very tech savvy.

I made jam yesterday and had a visit with the loverly Audrey (whom I claimed was the Devil...'member her?). She had her laptop with her and reloaded a version of the 4th Dresden File book thats read by James Marsten rather than the computer robot voice that spells words sometimes instead of saying them. Example! We all know that "Shhh" is someone telling some one to be quiet but the rbot instead quotes the person as spelling it out "S! h h h h". Or the name McCoy becomes "Emm See Coy" plus the inflections of the voice and pauses are a bit off. The rest of the books we have on disc are robot read so until we come up with new ones hopefully read by Marsten, I have to stop at Book 4.
Oh yeah! The jam. Its pretty runny but I don't care. Its either runny or I do my usual cook it too long and make strawberry based-rubber filled jars that need to have their contents GOUDGED out. I'll take tasty and runny over overcooked.

Hman has been feeling poorly. His sinuses are keeping him awake and he is VERY not nice when sick and tired. Avoidance has become crucial so that I don't start yelling at him for being a dick. He's sick so I am trying to be understanding. He's the kind of sick that doesn't want your help or kindness. Kinda the Angry Bear Overtired and Stressed Out sick. I would like to traquilize him and move him to a new territory (like a bear!) when he's like this. A trip to the doctor showed that there is no flu or infection or anything else and he was prescribed a nasal spray that "should" help him breathe so he can sleep. Maybe Flonase? Not sure.

Mom is sort of better. No longer AS sickly as she was but still awaiting the appointment with a specialist. My second oldest sister spent a weekend at the house with the folks cooking and cleaning and trying to get Mom to eat more than toast and Boost. I wished her luck and reminded her that murder is against the law. Aging parents...gotta love them but when they defeat themselves with their own behaviours its very hard to stand by and not get tetchy when they ignore the advice of others.

Thats about it today. I am tired after getting stuck in construction traffic last night on my way home from Knit Night and getting woke up through the night with Sickly Beast Man.

I'll go do housework. That'll cheer me up. NOT!!!! ;oD


kate-the-enabler said...

Hey! Your post deserves lots of comments - but I'm running so I'll limit myself to the (hopefully) comforting interjection that Flonase or Nasonex (or both, but not together) generally have me breathing much better in about 48 hours, and generally completely happy by about a week in. (and that's conservative, actually). Strongly recommend NOT mixing with Otrivin in the same 24 hour period however (not recommended anyway but I confess to having slipped up on that once, or twice) as it sends blood pressure up and gives hampster brain (to me, at any rate) :) Good luck!

Suldog said...

Hope everyone (including you) feels very much better very soon. :-)

Tara said...

I overcooked my cherry preserves a few weeks ago. It's now Cherry um...jelly. Yeah, we'll go with that.