Monday, July 13, 2009

Filthy weather

Saturday night while I was at the fireworks it POURED rain. Yesterday wasn't too bad but it did indeed rain again.

Today the sun was out and I was so relieved. I honestly do not think I could ever live in Seattle or Vancouver...ugh think of all that RAIN! With my sunny weather I was able to hang out laundry and gather my calendula blossoms for making calendula oil. I passed over any that were past their prime, focusing on the full bloom, newly blooming, and almost blooming flowers and buds. It was a good chance to dead head while I was out there and keep the plants in production incase the rain EVER stops so I can gather more dry blossoms for infusing or drying for later use.

Calendula is wonderfully soothing for the skin and some skin conditions such as rashes and exzema respond well to being treated with calendula balms and salves. It was so nice being out there and doing what I love to do.

After I gathered my blooms I hunted down a clean mason jar, a ring, and a lid and wiped the jar out with vinegar to remove any dust etc. After I dried it thoroughly I squooshed in my booty of blossoms, near filling the jar! I poured olive oil over the blooms, shaking the jar and stirring it a bit to work out air bubbles and pockets and making sure the oil could get everywhere. Once the jar was full to withing almost an inch of headspace, I capped the jar and gave it a shake to make sure that oil could get around. Then it went into my cabinet on a saucer (incase of an overflow during the infusion) to sit and do its thing. Lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't get rancid or icky and that I REMEMBER to drain the oil on time.

As my second load of laundry neared completion and thits turn on the line, a rain storm swept in and soaked everything down again. ARGH! I didn't bother bringing the clothes in. I just waited a bit and the rain passed and my second load went out a little later than planned but was line dried (mostly) all the same.

Last evening I got to business on dyeing a bit of roving for making thrummed mittens later this year. I need pink roving for the thrums and while Ginette did have a pink in stock, it was a silk blend and I wanted pure wool. I put hot water and vinegar in a Pyrex dish and tinted the liquid with food colouring until I had a good deep/bright pink. Then, in went the roving. Its a bit trickier with roving than yarn because the roving isn't spun at all and could felt as quick as you blink. I covered the dish with plastic wrap and put it in the microwave for about 2 1/2 minutes, getting things good and hot. Then it was left to sit and cool down. the dye bath, such as it was, was well exausted and the water left was mostly clear. I rinsed the roving and it didn't bleed and now its hanging in the bathroom on the towel rack to dry, since the weather is uncooperative.

I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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