Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy and Sad

I am very happy because I am hosting my knitting friends on Sunday for a knitting afternoon by the pool. If the weatehr permits. Right now its calling for a mix like today and so far today is pretty friggin' awesome except for the humidity. Lets all send the happy weather vibe my way for Sunday so my friends have an extra fun time. If the weather sucks we will bring the fun in doors so its a GO whichever way the wind blows. I do need to spruce up the house and yard just a tinch tomorrow (who amd I kidding! It needs more than that but these are friends not home decor/cleanliness spies so I will make it all nice enough for them: vacuuming the piles of cat hair shed daily, etc) so that they feel comfortable.

Happy am I also because the nasal spray stuff that the doctor ordered is working on Hman and he is not the sickly crank he was. It worked right away at soothing his sinuses and he could breathe again. The whole not being able to breathe through his nose was making him sleepless and causing all kinds of related issues (coughing, feeling like he was unable to breathe due to muscle spasms in his chest etc). he has found relief and for that I am glad. Now I won't have to smother him with his pillow for being a meany and go to jail.

Now for the SAD. I started a shrug last summer as part of a mystery knit along and toiled at it until Clue #3 stopped me (and others) in my tracks. The designer came to knit night on Wednesday and got me going again on the project and for that I am truly grateful but sadly, I think this garment will not be made. Its just too much for my addled short attention span to stick with! The lace and the cables and then short rows thrown into it all....I start hyperventilating just thinking about it. It is now destined for the frog pond. This begs the question now: What to do with 1200 yards/meters (I forget which) of gorgeous light natural grey Cestari worsted wool? Its nowhere near enough for a sweater for me. Maybe a different shrug? I think shrugs may be my best option in general, as opposed to sweaters, because I tend to run hot even in winter and if I get chilled a shrug won't over do like a sweater often does. Plus they are faster and take less yarn. There is always that. So, I will bid the mystery shrug of gorgeousness adieu thanks to my A.D.D tendancies and use said yarn for a shrug of less complicated construction. On the plus side, I did get all of the remaining grey worsted Cestari from the shop and having it DOES make me happy. My presciousssss..........

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Tara said...

SO bummed I missed the knitting poolside!