Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Mom

My mom is very ill these days. She has had a digestive problem (unsolved) for a few years now, was hospitalised at one point for septic shock about 4 1/2 years ago or so, and now at 80 years of age is down to 101 pounds of frail, lethargic, weakened old lady. She went to the doctor yesterday about her latest problem of throwing up everything she consumes and he told her to drink Boost once a day while he will try and get her in for some tests ASAP. Her latests blood tests came back "fine".

I spoke to her this morning just before noon her time, she hadn't yet been able to eat anything but did take all her old lady meds, her stomach was upset and she didn't want to have anything. She had been dozing on the sofa when I called because she was wiped out. We spoke for awhile, she bitched about my Dad not doing the dishes last night when he said she would (he had dosed off in his chair and she discovered the sink still full so she did them, even drying said dishes and putting them away immediately...I think that part was for spite..LOL), the rowdies down the street, about how her neighborhood is peaceful most of the time ( except: insert her list here..blah blah blah), how she misses her great grandchildren and keeping up with whats going on with them all (she has 5) and she promised to go have some toast or her beef broth, and drink her Boost as soon as we hung up.

To say I am worried is an understatement.


Margaret said...

It is a heart-wrenching thing to watch a loved one suffer. I really hope that the doctor will find something tangible and work something out to relieve her troubles. My mum (in England) has IBS and has to take peppermint oil pills occasionally.

Tara said...

My mother has been ill my entire life, so I understand your concern, believe me. It's difficult, because you just want to DO something, you know? And having her far away can't help much. Hugs! I hope they find something that will help resolve her issues soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh hugs- for you and her. I'll think all the good thoughts I can for you guys- keep us posted, please. Can you go where she is?

Karine said...

To bitch is to be alive. As long as you mom can do that, all is good :) Here's hoping she will get better.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh no!
Hopefully she will recover quickly from this episode, and your dad will start doing the dishes to rest her mind. Poor woman. It must be driving you crazy when they can't figure out what's wrong.
Hang tough, Sunshine. Love you.

K. said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you're mom isn't well. I really hope she's better soon because moms are quintessential.

Tons of love to you and yours!