Friday, July 10, 2009


The pool issue was resolved very quickly once Hman got home proving once again that I am NOT mechanically inclined. Not that he is, but he is more so than I. Pump and filter are working just fine and the pool is usable. Its a hot one today so we may be out there more than yesterday. Yay SUNSHINE AGAIN!!!!!

I went to my friend DearKnits house last evening to ease her into the ways of jam making. We ended up with several jars of strawberry jam for her family's pleasure. There were laughs, lots of chatter, more laughs.... She is very fun to spend time with. Her husband is VERY handsome and also funny with crazy mad kite making skillz. You gotta check out her blog sometimes because his kites make for great pictures. I'd love to see them in flight someday. Does anyone out there know the reason for "skimming off the foam" when jam making? The recipes all say to do it but whats the science behind it? When T asked me I was all "I dunno...the recipes say to so do it...stop pressuring me , man!" Then we came up with the "answer" of that the foam gives you cancer....and it got called that the rest of the night...yummy foamy strawberry flavoured cancer...It was funny at the time.

Today I will do more laundry because I can hang it out on the line again. Clothes on the clothesline make me feel very satisfied. Its one of those simple pleasures in life, y'know?

I should also get the waterproofing spray out and spray down the tents before it decides to rain again!


Anonymous said...

I love to hang out laundry- about half of it anyway. No jeans, towels, store-bought socks, or sweats. As a matter of fact, its time to put the next load out. I'll even hang stuff out in the winter- it tickles me to no end to make "frozen laundry." (why yes, I do realize I need to get out more. I'll work on that...)

Tara said...

Dude, the cancer foam thing was HYSTERICAL! It cracked me up all day. But I agree, you had to be there. Looking forward to more culinary adventures with you, my dear! Mwah!

Scrappytbear said...

Fun fun :)
good thing you did check out the foam thing ;) could be dangerous or explosive!
Have fun with the domestics!