Monday, July 20, 2009

The Next Day

I am still on a wee bit of a high after yesterdays gathering in my back yard. Most of my favourite knitting friends were in attendance and the weather cooperated as much as can be hoped for in this rainy weird summer of ours. A teensy spit of drizzle didn't even amount to enough to chase us indoors although there was a monster rain cloud that blew by farther away...whew.

The pool was on the chilly side and the day not overly hot with a good breeze. the kids and one knitter braved the pool and I was tempted but didn't jump in. The folks brought treats and their knitting and some brought their kids which was excellent because my guys then had fun too!!!! Poor Hman tried to be sociable but he's really not feeling well. I think he did great considering his home was invaded by about 13 or more knitters...LOL

I may sound gushy or sappy at this point so if you are a diabetic or are easily nauseated pass this bit over.

I said to my friend Janet in a Ravelry message this morning that I felt truly blessed by everyone that showed up to my little knitting party. They and the knitting community I found here mean so much to me, they really have no idea how much. If i didn't have them I would be so sad, miserable, lonely.. In fact I probably wouldn't be living here anymore. The isolation I suffered our first year or so was very hard on me and until I met these people that I could really get to know and spend valuable time with, I was pretty unhappy. The laughter, smiles, joy, and joke of yesterdays gathering just lit up every part of my spirit yesterday and again, I feel truly blessed to have them all in my life.

Merci beaucoup, mes amis..mes anges. Je t'aime.


Sam said...

I was happy I came by - even though I did not catch up fast enough on the potluck concept - next time !! As usual you made us feel welcome - same you do on the knitting night with the North Shore knitters. You have a funny sense of humour, and I am very glad that you live around here !!! And you brought all those people together: and they are GOOD people... Thanks to you Alison - you are a bit of the maker and central pivot in all this !

Tara said...

Sadly, I had to miss the party. But I love you too :)