Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Frustration.

Its been a bitch of a day. Its not even the middle of December and we are already into the white for good and I honestly don't know if I can handle another winter here with any semblence of grace, aplomb, or even sanity.
Lets take into consideration the fact that its the busy time of year at work for Hman and he is not around much to do manly things like snowblower the drive way. And he doesn't do a very good job anyways.
I had my first incident of being stuck in my driveway for the 2008-2009 winter. Why yes I did flip out, thank you for asking. I coulda gotten out but at the last second a #$%^^$%ing van came down my street and I had to hit my brakes. This meant that my momentum could not carry me through the snow that the plow has set at the end of my drive ONCE AGAIN. We are on a corner so not only do I get the snow from my street but the snow from around the corner as well. The neighbor tried to help me out but my suck ass winter tires had NO traction. He took my kid to school for which I thanked him while I started shovelling to free my stuck car. then i freed said car, parked on the street to clear the drive and another #$%^&ing plow came around the corner and filled in the end of the drive even worse than it had been before I cleared it. Thats when I started to cry. And swear more visciously and contemplate plane fare outta here. And cry more.
Yes. I stood in the fucking street with my snow scoop (because SOMEONE does not trust me to operate the blower) and I cried my heart out hopelessly. Because this is just the beginning. I have 5 months of this to look forward to. I cried while I scooped. I cried as I shovelled. I cried as I gave it up and went grocery shopping. I think I was pretty much done by the time I entered the Maxi. Hard to tell.
I think I deserve some liquor. And lots and lots of chocolate.


inukshuk71 said...

Poor dear :( Get your man to show you how to operate that stupid snow plow. I swear to you, two hands are all you need to operate that machine, male appendage is not required.

Tara said...

I've been there, babe. Here's what you do: Get rip-roaring drunk, then call the deneige guy and get a contract for snow-removal. This is my first year having it done, and there are no words to describe the joy.

Anonymous said...

Yes- much chocolate and liquor. (i'm telling ya, get those twilight books and you won't care how much snow is in your drive)

Suldog said...

Hope you're feeling a bit better now. Heck, a LOT better. If you haven't yet had the liquor and chocolate, do so. Now.